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Title: BlockDX Alliance V1
Name: Block-DX-Alliance-v1
Term: 3 Cycles
Cycle Amnt: 2000 PIV
Total Amnt: 6000 PIV
Author: Eric Stanek
Receiver: Arlyn Culwick
Address: DCvr2rZ11wPGsZvt1mui9Cwsi4opCGDpdY
Created: 2022-08-15
Status: Active
Vote Hash: e9494daf205e58037717136ab0446988699013815cc6f6769b7ff1375abfd0b4


This proposal seeks to initiate an Alliance with the Block DX team to support PIVX on their DEX. (Decentralized EXchange)


BlockDX Project Status:

BlockDX as a project is very much aligned with the ethics and ideals that PIVX has. Also similar to PIVX, BlockDX has struggled to properly fund their development. This has created pressures to force them to be extremely 'lean' and 'passionate'. That also is very much like PIVX.

As a DEX, BlockDX is very much a TRUE DEX and not just throwing around the acronym to gain attention. I believe it is currently the ONLY TRUE DEX for native blockchains. Specifically, it is the only exchange that decentralizes every major function of an exchange, namely capital storage, the order book, the matching engine, and settlement.

The current status of BlockDX is that it has been in production for a few years, and the technology has matured progressively. It has been a uniquely secure means of exchanging PIVX to/from BTC and many other coins. However, significant enhancements are on the road-map, like limit orders, TradingView charts, integrating a multi-wallet (XLite), a browser-based UI, and mobile apps. The setup will also be greatly simplified for nontechnical users.

PIVX Project Status:

For PIVX, we see that the things we hold dear; Freedom, Privacy and being a DAO, are under attack. So, we expect that PIVX will eventually be pushed off CEXs. Of course, we want to delay that as long as possible, but we also can't wait until then. We absolutely need to start preparing now, with BlockDX and others.


Discussions have just started, but at a high level, the goal is that PIVX will fund BlockDX development who will in turn make their tool set WAY LESS complex, FAR MORE user friendly, and give PIVX priority support and integration.

An Alliance between PIVX and BlockDX seems to be a perfect start and a true 'Win-Win'.


The BlockDX team includes @shorn, @synechist and one other for this proposal. First task is working on a Phased Plan to present to us. Then they will need to provide estimates. These steps are not completed yet and may take some time. Ideally, it looks like they will be ready with plans and estimates when PIVX has the increased Treasury funds available.

Having said that, there are funds available in the budget now. So, the thought is to just request a SMALL TOKEN amount of funds, to pay to the BlockDX team, to demonstrate our support, knowing that future costs may be MUCH higher. The act of actually SPENDING even a small token amount, is certain to generate awareness and discussions in the Community, which is exactly what we want.

As such, this proposal is asking for 2,000 PIV per month, for 3 months.

There is no request to refund the 50 PIV proposal submission fee.


During the 3 month period, BlockDX will join with the PIVX Community and keep us up to date on progress. At the end of the 3 months, BlockDX will provide a Phased Plan, and estimated costs to reach each milestone. Depending on the amounts, we can then determine feasibility to continue, and if so, at what spend rate.


PIVX Core wallet users can use the built in DAO page to cast their votes.
For console users, use one of the below commands.

To Vote YES: mnbudgetvote many e9494daf205e58037717136ab0446988699013815cc6f6769b7ff1375abfd0b4 yes

To Vote NO: mnbudgetvote many e9494daf205e58037717136ab0446988699013815cc6f6769b7ff1375abfd0b4 no
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the need for being listed on DEXES is definitely there!

so being there and cooperating with them makes sense, as the budget is not set too high

As the plan is that PIVX treasury funds their development I would expect a later integration price not to be too high - we should rather cooperate and grow together.

Hi everyone.

Further to the post above by Erik I am please to be able to present the first stage of the “BlockDX Product Roadmap and Overview” that we intend to use as the basis for the dev and project cost estimates.

The overview is intended to be a high-level document and, as such, it does not include specific task details or technical info on how the items identified will be delivered, but it does breakdown the project into deliverable chunks that can then be sub-divided into development “Epics”, tasks and sub-tasks at a later stage.

As you will see in the list of items, there is some immediate UX/UI work that can be done now in preparation for the development stages. I have already made considerable progress with the UI work and I would say it is approximately 75% complete. The design files do require further work though to prepare for the hand-off to a front-end dev ie: prepare the UI components, design all relevant states, and export any assets the dev would need to build with.

I will be submitting a separate proposal in next cycle for the UI work so we can get this project kick-started asap.

I will also be adding more details to this forum thread, including cost estimates for all the remaining items in Phase 1, in the next couple of weeks, and after that we will start preparing proposals to cover the costs of the development, project management, QA testing and marketing.

I am available in Discord to answer any questions about the roadmap document or anything else about the alliance (username: @shorn)


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Good morning, I'm curious - how did it go? .. where is it possible to follow of this strategy? .. sounds really great! tx