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Brand Management - Marketing, Partnerships, Strategy (July-December 2019)


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Title: Brand Management - Marketing, Partnerships, Strategy (July-December 2019)
Name: BrandMgmt_JulyDec2019
Term: 6
Cycle Amnt: 11,818
Total Amnt: 70,958
Author: Kelsey Cole “PIVX Pixie” - MVM Inc. 
Receiver: Kelsey Cole “PIVX Pixie” - MVM Inc.
Address: TBA
Created: 07.02.2019
Status: Pre-Proposal

PIVX Brand Management: 30 agency hrs / month + Monthly Marketing Budget - FOR 6 MONTHS

Marketing strategy, brand management, rebrand and creation and follow through of 6 month marketing road map.

This is our second round of proposals after working in the community for the past 6 months. Our first proposal series included a brand audit which took 3 months of thorough research and experiences in the community to complete. We delivered a 2 hour keynote + 1 hour AMA with feedback on each element of the PIVX brand and identified one key problem: There is currently no one taking on strategy for the PIVX brand. While the tech direction is dictated by the developers, the look, feel, communication and advertising come from the marketing leadership, and that team starts with a strategy.

The current PIVX proposal system is designed in a way where projects are presented, voted upon and executed based on the deliverables promised. We are proposing something a little bit different.

In order to come up with both long and short term strategies surrounding key tech milestones and zeitgeist opportunities (the returning bull market); we need to spend time developing KPIs, planning budgets, building out the right teams, and then implementing these plans. We'll work alongside tech and business development to create a roadmap for the PIVX brand.

We have a list of marketing objectives that need to be achieved over the coming months based on the audit we performed.

The hours paid for are to work on these projects, but further proposals will be required to fund additional pieces (like web development for new website).

  • Logo refresh - new wordmark & symbol
  • Palette update - freshen up the official pantones
  • Brand reno - including new fonts and looks for websites, creative & ux / ui
  • Adoption Campaign Creation - (official details to be kept confidential until campaign launch to keep away from competitive eyes)
  • New copy
  • New website
  • New explainer deck
  • Launch event for rebrand - management of the event execution (suggested sponsorship: The Blockchain Futurist Conference in separate proposal)
  • Live videos on PIVX channels: like the roundtable series that we did, but more condensed and made for social networks
Our agency rate is $150 USD / hour.

We recommend 30 hours a month to work on the PIVX brand on the above objectives at a monthly rate of $4500 USD.

That currently equals = 6,818 PIV.

We will adjust our hours according to the PIV price at the time of receipt so if the price goes up or down, the hours are still at our standard agency rate of $150 USD.

For more information on our agency and services, visit: www.mvmedia.co


Monthly marketing budget

In addition to our agency strategy fees, we are requesting a 5,000 PIV / month budget for marketing purposes in a separate proposal which includes a mix budget for original creative, copywriting and advertising spend (Google, Facebook, YouTube, Crypto Pubs).

This allows us to work with different artists, writers, and marketing partners to create on-strategy content, on demand -- without having to put each one through a unique proposal and waiting for the superblock cycles. We will manage the budget and be accountable for the deliverables while bringing other talent into the mix to amplify the brand.

Monthly Split (guide - amounts may shift between category):

  • Google ad words spend 1000 piv
  • Facebook ad spend 1000 piv
  • Custom creative 2500 piv
  • Crypto copy 500 piv
We are recommending these proposals continue for the next 6 months so we can be accountable for the evolution and growth of the brand. There is a lot to do, and we need to make sure we invest the time to do it properly.

We are aiming to present the marketing roadmap at the Blockchain Futurist Conference on August 13, 2019.
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