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Name: Ofcl-SocialFeb2024
Term: 2 cycle
Cycle Amount: 6090
Total Amount: 12180
Author: @LeacyMcK
Receiver: @LeacyMcK
Address: DANZYcrexmzYkoNKUVMpneavD4dCMeQbv4
Created: February 6th, 2024Address:
Status: Active

Weekly tasks
- All weekly tasks can be found here. https://forum.pivx.org/threads/pivx-social-media-lead-content-creator-exchange-liaison.1468/
- Timewise these weekly tasks take approx. 10 - 20 hours each week.
- Proof reading articles from other writers.
- Lead for PIVX official, PIVXcommunity, and Instagram.

Monthly tasks
Complete and submit Binance report. ( In response to Binance's request for more comprehensive information regarding our completed work, I have secured the developers' commitment to independently document their contributions. This collaborative effort ensures that their work will be prepared and included in the report I will submit to Binance within the specified timeframe.)
- Update PIVX.org when needed at times. eg. Edit roles, add articles/blogs
- Update Discord (Monitor auto-mod when needed.)
- Monthly PIVX Masternode updates

January Highlights
(Please note, a lot of the tweets won't open in the forum. Please open them up at your leisure to view them. A few have done better analytically than the tweets that are showing.)

January work outlined here:
-Subscribed and paid for Twitter Premium account, presently waiting to be verified. Trial period will run for 2 months to see if it's worthwhile.

- Planned AMA with Hans Koning and host Crypto Kaffy to be held on February 18th in Gamestation Telegram. Having it on a new platform such as Gamestation TG will give PIVX a new audience.

-Worked with ChangeNow on cross-promoting.

-Worked with Travala.com and Jeffrey on creating promotions for giveaway and cross-promotions.

-Keeping PIVXcommunity updated in regards to delisting of privacy coins.

-Promoting PIVcards using trending topics and/or holidays/events to attain more notice.

-Contest created for PIVcards, winners will receive pre-paid gift cards to support PIVXLabs.
(created idea & layout for graphic, Meerkat design.)

-Privacy Roundtable 1 year anniversary successful event with Veil as guest project.

-With Binance delisting of a few privacy coins and trending topics focusing on them, I have increased creating Privacy quotes to post. Celebrated Data Privacy week.

(created idea for graphic, meerkat design)

-New Listings - Gate.io

-Happy 8th Birthday, PIVX. (By the way, this post and article did so well it scored 8% in the engagement level. Anything over 4% is regarded as very good.)

-Researching ways to gain more notice on Instagram has been productive. Metrics show that posts are being viewed more due to adding music at times, using offered filters and paying attention to best times to promote.
-Privacy quote contest put on hold due to Valentines contest.

Please note due to January being slow for everyone on socials (metrics) I have held the interview with CryptoSi and Hans; DAO Specialist interview until it picks up.


Posted to PIVX.org as well.

February/March Plans:

-Work with Jeffrey and Liquid on planning, implementing new events, cross-,marketing and to increase the PIVX development updates.
- 3 articles to be written for Medium on trending and PIVX related topics. One article with Jeffrey's assistance will be promoted on a news/writing site as well as PIVX.org.
-Valentine contest giveaway promoting PIVcards. 4 prizes of $25 USDT in a pre-paid credit card in the winners choice currency ends Feb 14th.
-New interview questions will be created to give to our next PIVX Perspective guest.
-Privacy Roundtable with guest project Beam to be held February 25th. Topic to be announced.
-Will assist PIVXLabs with their marketing efforts if needed.
-Continue to work with Meerkat on creating a new series of graphics that we can promote to a new audience.
-AMA with Hans Koning and Crypto Kaffy will be held February 18th.

Please see analytics for PIVX official, PIVXcommunity and Instagram below. Please note anything shown with 4% or more is 'very good' metrics in regards to Twitter's analytics.
Please reach out to me at Discord.PIVX.org or Twitter (leacymck), if you have any questions concerning my proposal or ideas. I am choosing to disable comments in this forum again. I explained why here: https://forum.pivx.org/threads/social.1900/

Many thanks to @Jeffrey who found this site. I don't run Telegram.
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Haven't seen a difference in metrics yet and had to reach out to Twitter support a few times so that the 'extras' worked, but it is nice to be able to find past PIVX tweets so easily to then use as marketing material or as a reference from where PIVX is to where PIVX is going. Stay tuned, I will update more at the end of the first month.
Please note I lost my password for the forum which has made me late with submitting the work I have completed. I will have the updates written out no later than Thursday March 21st/Friday March 22nd.
February and March Highlights and Metrics:

Meeting between Jeffrey, Liquid and I went well. We pro-actively created and worked on ways we can communicate better between both PIVX Core/PIVX Labs so that both Core and MPW Wallet upgrades, Development, Marketing events and Business tasks from Jeffrey, get completed then shared with the community without delay.

Written and published Medium articles:
Message from PIVX Core on developing a super transparent address type that would facilitate compliance with regulatory requirements.

Experience the Future of Privacy Coins: PIVX — Sustainable, Self-Funded, and Scalable

February Development Update (Published to PIVX.org also)

Created and held the PIVXcommunity Valentine contest. Winners would receive PIVCards/Mastercard gift certificates. This was held for entertainment for the community but also was used to promote PIVCards.

The growing and popular Privacy Roundtable event held on February 25th went well with special guest Joel Valenzuela. Unfortunately Beam had trouble joining but will be guest speaker in March. To new viewers, I am the founder of this group of which I created so that PIVX was better aligned with other powerhouse privacy projects, such as Firo/BasicSwapDEX/Particl. With these events we educate listeners about Privacy in the crypto world and introduce other like-minded projects so that the listeners can learn as well as be entertained by the amazing discussions unfolding. 360 people listened to the recording or was part of the live broadcast, growing each month.

With each guest we have on the event they in turn promote our event on socials, bringing awareness to their community.

The content I create (specific ideas for how the graphic will look along with the copy for each graphic ) is shared with Meerkat in which she then designs the brilliant banners in which you see out on socials. @Meerkat and I are both committed to making PIVX shine on socials by keeping the branded content in mind but also by trialing new looks to see what followers like best. Meerkat has at times created a couple graphics on her own which has been appreciated immensely and used in posts on socials with favourable outcome.

I reached out to and hired CryptoKaffy a known and respected crypto podcast host to do a follow-up AMA with PIVX DAO specialist Hans Koning on the GameStation TG channel as she did a year ago for PIVX. We worked together on the Q&A's and I had graphics created to post to socials and to Discord to promote. GameStation viewers were a new audience for PIVX of which we offered the chance of winning 1 of 6 prizes of PIV. During this AMA listeners learnt about what was going on in both PIVX core and PIVXlabs.

I worked with Gate.io and Jeffrey in a couple cross-marketing events.

As I work more closely with Jeffrey, and exchanges and 3rd party servers, I am noticing more support for the work we do out on socials of which we appreciate.

More cross-marketing work one on one with the exchanges.

Cross-marketing with Travala.com is ongoing, taking turns with promotions. PIVX to host one in latter part of April.

Working more closely with Liquid who wrote the article at my request for the v5.6.1 mandatory upgrade of which I planned the promotion of. Meerkat designed the graphic.

Continuing to mentor and assist guiding newer PIVX community members who run and lead separate community accounts on behalf of PIVX. PIVX Turkey led by @Travelustaad, PIVX Portugal led by @dinizc while also working with @Elenac lead of PIVX Espanol. We have started plans on creating a community contest in which we all participate to be held later in April.

As per Binance's recent request of changing how we report development and marketing to them, I worked with the developers in coming up with a new format that has enhanced how I report off each month to the exchange.

Metrics to follow.
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In regards to Metrics.

Shortly after PIVX became a premium account, I noticed our metrics starting to suffer. PIVX official and PIVXcommunity have mostly been in the green (positive) throughout the past 2 years so I was dismayed to see more red (negative) than green. During the past few weeks I have made daily peeks at the beta analytics that Twitter offers while they have been working on their new algos. I watched as the reach we had been enjoying dwindle, not seeing anything on our end that could be the issue I started to investigate more. Turns out Twitter is in deed messing around with the algos which has been affecting numerous accounts not just PIVX's, which is frustrating as we just paid for premium.

Please find examples of other accounts being affected in this tweet that I initiated.

@johnnylaw created a twitter thread where he explains on how Twitter is affecting account metrics

Beyond frustrated I reached out to Twitter support and this was their replies.

As you will see PIVX official metrics are all in red except for engagement which is up. When one has their engagement metric showing positive results, other metrics should follow suit. Thus these are inaccurate but I posted it nevertheless to prove the issue at hand and hope that this will be taken as what it is.


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