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Name: Ofcl-SocialJan2024
Term: 1 cycle
Cycle Amount: 6700
Total Amount: 6700
Author: @LeacyMcK
Receiver: @LeacyMcK
Address: D8r6n12PfxU2pnDsj5a1qons5xvNnEWxGL
Created: January 11th, 2024
Status: Active

I didn't submit a proposal in December due to real-life events that I knew would slow down my article writing, development updates and other tasks. Even though I could have requested a smaller amount for December since I was still working at approx. 65% capacity, I made the decision not to submit a proposal at all. However, I successfully completed all regularly scheduled work for PIVX, including the Binance report, while also maintaining the social media presence with new graphics, promotions, and support for community events.

November's proposal can be found here: https://forum.pivx.org/threads/pivx-social.1776/#post-4457.

The following work listed below represents the monthly tasks I perform along with notable accomplishments of the month.

Weekly Tasks
- All weekly tasks can be found here: https://forum.pivx.org/threads/pivx-social-media-lead-content-creator-exchange-liaison.1468/
- Time wise these weekly tasks take over 10 hours a week to complete.
- Proof reading articles from other writers when needed.

Monthly Tasks
Complete and submit Binance report. Update: New more extensive report requested moving forward.
- Update PIVX.org when needed. (Edit roles, add articles/blogs.)
- Update Discord (Monitor auto-mod when needed.)
- Monthly PIVX Masternode updates.
- Create ideas for graphics and promotions.

November & December Highlights

1st PIVX Perspective interview with Jeffrey. (Questions I create are specifically written to highlight the member's role, expertise and history within PIVX.)
Tweet to promote: Medium article: https://medium.com/pivx/introducing...arkable-contributors-to-the-pivx-bcc9f0698ed8

Interviewed CryptoSi and Hans Koning both who know PIVX well, are past & present team members, and are DAO specialists and advisors.

Worked with Bouilla who represented PIVX at the WebSummit in Lisbon, Portugal with updates on socials.

Examples of cross-marketing with Shopping.io, Travala.com and WhiteBIT.



Being able to be flexible when important news events occur and making the best of it on socials. eg. Binance lists PIVX?USDT pairing.

Gave support to MasternodeBuzz for an article they wrote about PIVX.

Development Updates

Request for C++ Dev

2nd PIVX Perspectives Q&A with JSKitty.

PIVX co-hosted our 8th Privacy event, where we unveiled our new name, Privacy Roundtable. Topic" AI and the impact on Privacy" Special guest was the Zano project who introduced themselves to the listeners and gave a summarization of their work. With the inclusion of BasicSwapDEX, Firo, and Particl, PIVX has forged alliances with leading privacy projects. Together, we aim to expand our community by featuring new speakers, trending privacy topics, and fostering growth. New branding to go with our new name will be unveiled this month.

Worked with both Shorn and with Jeffrey in getting graphics to accompany posts I created for PIVX's new listings.




Working with Meerkat, a few graphics were created per my request to accompany copy supporting PIVX's many highlights. 1 example:

January Plans

Publish (late) 2023 year review.
Weekly and monthly work as written above.
1 year anniversary of the Privacy Roundtable. Topic to be announced. PIVX hosting. 🎉
2 Medium articles
1 PIVX Perspective
PIVX Development update
Continue to search for C++ Developer
Ongoing researching for marketing purposes, paid promotions. Paid promos require KYC of which is then tied to the PIVX social accounts. Twitter nor Instagram allow pre-paid credit cards. Thoughts are now moving towards outside assistance in helping with promoting PIVX.
Planning for PIVXcommunity Privacy (Part 2) Quote event for late January or beginning of February.
Continue to increase Instagram stories with music as they receive the most impressions.

In recent times, I have faced unwarranted threats, baseless accusations, an extortion attempt, and persistent bullying within this forum. Despite these challenges, I have remained dedicated to my role and the betterment of PIVX. Moving forward, I will not tolerate further threats and have made the decision to disable comments on my proposal. If you have any concerns or would like to discuss my work, please reach out to me directly in PIVX's Discord channel. I strive to increase my knowledge and therefore capabilities for PIVX as always.

Thank you for reading.
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