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Awaiting Feedback Creating "Earn Pivx" App for Android


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Title: Creating "Earn Pivx" App for Android 
Name:  Earn-Pivx-App
Term: 1 Cycle
Cycle Amount: 3500 PIVX
Total Amount: 3500 PIVX
Author: Jumperbillijumper
Receiver: Jumperbillijumper
Address: TBA
Created: 2023-02-18
Status: pre-proposal


let me introduce myself first:

I'm the crypto YouTuber "Jumperbillijumper" and German Pivx Ambassador.
Some month ago I created an earn app for my own community cryptocurrency "Jumpcoin" for Android "Earn Jumpcoin". My idea is to publish a similar app for Pivx. The main advantage is, that a lot of users can earn Pivx and they can convert to fans, investors or both. Also Pivx fans can use the app to simply earn some more Pivx. With most of the advertising revenue I buy new coins from market.

Advantages of the App:

- low payout possible
- fully automated payout system
- high earnings

What I would do with the budget:
- adapt the full source code to Pivx
- set up database and scripts to a new server
- publish the app on Play Store
- boost payout to users for a limited time
- (publish a video about the new App on my YouTube channel) <- Not realy part of the budget. I would do it for free.

Ongoing costs would be much cheaper. Following proposals should be about ~100-300 Pivx/month (e.g. server cost).

Feedback would be very nice! :)
Hey @Jumperbillijumper !

I assume you are referring to the services offered on this website?

But, after reviewing it, I am still not at all clear on what your app does, or how it works.

Can you please explain?

Could you please provide some detailed data? Perhaps from JumpCoin?

How do people find out about the app assuming it gets built for PIVX?
It has nothing to do with jumpcoin. I only build it for jumpcoin, but I would rebuild it for pivx. It is a new app in Google Play Store named "Earn Pivx" with new logo and so on.
I get that. But, there must be data from JumpCoin to help manage our expectations.

What is the on-ramp for paying ads? How are those funds managed? How is that income kept transparent? Will it be profitable?

So, once built, it just sits there unless we promote it. Makes sense, but that effort would need to be planned for too - albeit perhaps in a separate proposal.
Inside the App I use Yodo1 as add plattform. They pay me $ for every ad view. I convert most of it to Coins (Pivx) and pay my users. For the users its only transparent what they get. Not what I earn. It can be profitable, but I need a lot of users for that. And I must look, that I don't spend to much coins to users. I think you can compare the app with a crypto faucet.

When the App is online, its easy to get some users. With promo: A lot more. With Google Advertising budget even more.
What data is collected from the user using the app?

How much in USD is paid to a user for each ad they watch? I get that it must be really small, but I'm trying to wrap my head around how many ads the person would need to watch to get a few PIV.
Email address, payment address, username, password. I can't exactly tell you, what yodo1 is collecting.

Actucally I pay for the first ad about 0,0035$
So, they have to pay roughly 285 ads, to earn $1 USD worth of PIVX?
People actually do this?
So, essentially, after the cost of getting this setup, it is really cheap to run, because people are earning peanuts.
That means the real cost is in the effort to market the app.
Then, what does that buy us?

I see that we get users, that fall into 1 of 2 categories.

First, these fractions of a penny mean something to them, so they are super small investors.
Second, these fractions of a penny are an insult to a serious investor, who then leaves, with a bad image of our brand.

Perhaps I can ask it a different way. Why hasn't JumpCoin succeeded?

I am sorry for being critical, but there is another very different idea that recently surfaced, and we may submit a proposal. Sounds like there may be some overlap with this one. But, I am wondering if there is an error in our thinking, or we are misunderstanding how your app business model works.
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I must ask you, if you are familiar with crypto faucets? Thats nearly the same and a lot of people use this. You can call it faucet for your pocket. Your question sounds arrogant. Ad companys don't pay more than that. If you think its extremly cheap, you can buy all my ad space ;)

Such an app is good marketing and a first touch with the coin. And yes for alongside some people use the app. When you look in the App store you find a lot similar apps for Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Doge or Dash. They are very popular (some apps got more than 1,000,000 downloads) Is this also bad marketing for Bitcoin or a first touch with earning cryptocurrencys?

Again: The app has nothing to do with the success of jumpcoin. Jumpcoin is my channel cryptocurrency. "Earn Jumpcoin" is a product of me to spread some coins. Your questions is absolutely useless.

BTW.: There is still the possibility to use every month a proposal to boost the given coins in my app. Maybe you can donate some pivx every month to make some app users happy ;)

In short words: "Earn Pivx" is a possibility to spread some Pivx to people all over the world. You don't need money to use it. You can earn some free coins for looking ads. Thats all.
I asked for data to back up your assertions. Nothing wrong with that. But, you haven't provided any. That is not at all reassuring.

@flow11 How does this compare to your Faucet project?
I asked for data to back up your assertions. Nothing wrong with that. But, you haven't provided any. That is not at all reassuring.

@flow11 How does this compare to your Faucet project?

Hi Eric, Hi jumper,

From what I read I can say it's basically a faucet in an app, that's not a bad idea to my understanding. There are apps for other coins. If PIVx had its own app it would be good. Just to be present there.

It's a similar concept that I have 2. Basically, I run 2 faucet sites since 2019 but have no app; In December I added PIVX to one site and since then users can claim PIVX on the faucet site or earn from other tasks. I was also thinking about making a similar proposal to get some PIVX to fuel the faucet to increase the actual rewards making PIVx especially attractive, or as a funding budget for the integration (build it with PIVX program, as the integration of 6 coins had cost me ~ 4k USD)

Also, I can say that I share the opinion that a PIVX Facuet would be attractive, So I would support this proposal. but may let's say 1 time the whole sum for one-year hosting costs, set up, and some basic funding like 50 -100 PIVX / month , the rest should come via organic revenue.

You asked what the benefits will be: Well it will be a PROMOTION for PIVX. Even though users may have small amounts but still if they have it their ties to PIVX get stronger and the more users the better it is. As it should be a coin for everyone, so nothing speaks against holding tiny amounts only. Sounds little bit as if you would prefer big investors ?

The effects of the faucet could also be measured by monitoring the number of addresses in ZKbitcoins rich list feature.
Faucets are giving people the feeling of a coin and putting it on their radar.

If you want to see some details on the performance you can visit my site and check the stats page.

Also, jumper is a smart dude. I used to watch his videos already years ago.

@Jumperbillijumper Maybe you could list up some more details:

such as:

1. how long will the app be running for the requested budget,
2. what is the payment concept, how many users you would expect,
3. how do you want to get traffic/users there?
4. what is the expected amount of coins do you plan to distribute per month
5 some more info on the costs , how will the 3500 be used for which part of the task

that are my thoughts on this :)
Thanks for your support @flow11

1. how long will the app be running for the requested budget:

The main part of the budget ist for development. The app can run 2 month with that budget. Following month will be much cheaper.

2. what is the payment concept, how many users you would expect,

Users collect points inside the app and then they can convert them to Pivx. After pressing the withdraw button, the user have to wait about 10 minutes to receive the coins. That depends on how the pivx community will use this app. I would expect 1k active users for the first two month.

3. how do you want to get traffic/users there?

Announcment on pivx channels and my youtube channel. Paid traffic is also an option.

4. what is the expected amount of coins do you plan to distribute per month

Realistic is about 0.1-0.5 Pivx per active user per month (0.25*1000=250Pivx/month)

5 some more info on the costs , how will the 3500 be used for which part of the task

3000 Pivx for development: App source code, logo adoption, database adoption, setup for all, publish app on Google Play Store
160 Pivx for server cost (2 month)
500 Pivx for payout (2 month)

Missing pivx can maybe be earned with advertising.
Overall to me, it sounds like good a good plan.

I will support it, as I see a lot of potential in it if it's done properly

few more questions on this:

1. about your answer 2: will you run a hotwallet and make automated payouts so every user always gets his payout within 10 minutes?
2. can you provide some statistics on how it's going after a while, users - payouts - amounts, etc?
3. will you send follow-up proposals for hosting costs and more distribution funds, if yes how many have you planned?
4. After a while, will this app be able to survive on its own without extra funding or is it planned to be funded from the treasury long-term?

hopefully we can get some more feedback!

thoughts anyone else?
Thanks for your great feedback! :)

1. Yes, for the payouts, I use a hot wallet.
2. Sure, thats no problem.
3. Yes, I will do some follow up proposals. Maybe its also a good idea to ask for some funds for future development (if necessary). I have no fixed number for that. That depends on to much external influences.
4. I think thats definitely possible. If I get enough active users and don't pay to much for development, servers and payouts, it can survive on its own.
Thanks for the answers.

I like the concept, and see the potential, and your answers are conclusive to me. If you submit you get my vote!

3. indeed funds for further development and improvement of the app make sense when necessary :)

have you already promoted your preproposal to get some more feedback ?