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Ended Creating VISUAL MEDIA for PIVX Community Socials MAY-JUN 2023


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The Proposal at a glance
--- TITLE :
Creating VISUAL MEDIA for PIVX Community Socials.
--- NAME : qtez-Visual-Media
--- Term/Cycle : 1 cycle = 1 month.
--- Cycle Amount : 1500.
--- Author/Receiver : QTEZ.

NOTE // I asked for more amount because of price drops and the new video to be created 💜

The Proposal Details

  • Budget requested is 1500 PIV for 1 cycle; a CYCLE = 1 MONTH only. STARTING Next BLOCK 25th MAY to 25th JUN 2023.
  • Each cycle will include creating posts and designs with graphics up to 10 posts-designs per Month or cycle.
  • The 10 creations will be according to the COMMUNITY Leader Guidelines.
  • I will also create VIDEOS, 1 VIDEO per CYCLE - This is why I asked more PIV.
  • I also create other additional graphics - NOT Requested by PIVX Community Leader - that is as a part of me being a volunteer PIVian supporting the Project on Socials.
  • Any Community Member is always at welcome to suggest and add more ideas to be created visually.
  • ALL designs are PHOTOSHOP only.
  • Videos will be created on free tools, such a CapCut.

What's done so far?!

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