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Creative Design Support

Hello Crypto Tribe!

We’ve been serving PIVX since 2017 and have helped other projects like Vendible, IoP/Liberteria, Pascalcoin, and others. We specialize in Naming, branding, web design and development, creative marketing and sales collateral.

If you personally or your company/project need design support maybe we can help you with things like:
* Naming/Branding
* Web Design
* Announcements/promo Graphics (Tech, exchanges, community, events, etc)
* Support Graphics for internal communications or sales/Marketing
* Creative for requests for event presentations, pitch-decks, meetups, etc.
* Campaign Creative (This is like a series of creative over time, (Roadmaps, PIVXPoS, Q&As, Big New Wallet launches, etc)

PIVX: DTyGsy4VC784yrW5x5wR9rEw5cv1wtQJ7K
BTC: 1BcGSKVEpdxWw62dcbXA2d5TXf8hXpcY6M

Thank you!
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