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Decentralized marketplace for PIVX


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Dear PIVX community,

I am a co-founder of Serey.io, which is a social media platform based on the blockchain (graphene). We have just built a decentralized marketplace for Bitcoin Cash:

Right now, we are looking for capital and would like to know if PIVX would like to acquire a similar marketplace from us as we can also build one for PIVX. Besides this, we can also offer a community-based content sharing platform for PIVX's community that can be managed based on PIVX' community values (respectful and no trolling). As a content sharing platform we might also be able to implement PIVs in our Serey Wallet, and make payments easier by allowing users to send PIVs to user-names instead of long PIVX addresses. Could you let me know if PIVX is interested to acquire this marketplace from us?

Here is an introduction video about us:
Our website: https://serey.io