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Archived Discord Chat Moderation during UTC working hours

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New Pivian

I would like to propose moderation of PIVX discord channel during UTC work time 9 am to 5 pm (UTC+1) to protect users from scam wallet links, giveaways etc. During this time the expected users are mainly from European, African and Asian countries. The altcoin season is expected and an inflow of attention to the smaller cap but good projects like PIVX is expected to increase exponentially that also means a lot of new users to the chat and with users come scams which mainly target the new users who are more vulnerable. I will be on the watch out particularly for the giveaway scams and phishing links to ensure a safe environment and also to ensure that the users abide by the rules of the channels and behave nicely. I will do moderation on a daily basis, full time from 9 am to 5 pm (UTC+1) during the weekdays, while on the weekends I will be online periodically to ensure things are going smooth. I will also guide new users (when required) to the proper channel if they have any query.

I have extensive experience on Discord cryptocurrency channels (4+ years) as a user and I have been a member of PIVX discord chat @coli (no pain:ROFLMAO:) for 3+ years. I can quickly recognise the scam giveaways and phishing links and other techniques used by scammers to lure vulnerable people.
I am also a web developer and do coding using PHP (10+ years).

Budget Required:
£1500 GBP equivalent pivx/month.

Contract Terms/duration:
Monthly rolling basis. Payment in pivx to be transferred at the end of each month.

Questions/comments are welcome.
My opinion is this proposal is not needed, especially for the price. The bots delete most of the spam that gets posted. Most of the spam is private messages which no one has control over on discord.

In my view Mods are volunteers to help the pivx community not a full time job.
Well .....

1. I agree with Borris - this service is not needed.
2. This is insanely expensive. You are asking for approx 5,000 PIV per month. More than half what a full time Core Developer makes.
3. The odd time the service is needed, the Community steps up. (The PIVX.network scam site was taken down in less than 12 hrs as a result.)
4. The Treasury pays in advance, at super block. Defining when you get paid is not an option.
I think that yes, we do not really need this proposal that much. We already have moderators, and the community can do a great job shutting down scams without pay. Additionally, the amount proposed seems extremely high to be a moderator of a Discord server.
Its ok, no further responses required. I actually got banned for saying "is pivx at new all-time low?" on the trading channel of discord!
Some great moderation on pivx!
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