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Archived iStockPhoto 2022


Active Pivian
Title: iStockPhoto 2022
Name: iStockPhoto_2022
Term: 1 Cycle
Cycle Amnt: 4,650 PIV
Total Amnt: 4,650 PIV
Author: Eric Stanek
Receiver: Eric Stanek
Address: D8384nGA71Fd4bWVKPgZyP3oeqe15UNMwV
Created: 2022-04-27
Status: Active
Vote Hash: d3fca1740f8fd18b3a3c25ed14ba6eca4319ccc12a91ebfd0dc068e482f66c6d


The prior 'Expenses 2022 (Q1-Q2)' proposal that included this expense and other expenses is being replaced with this and other proposals. Please refer the comment on that post updating the situation.


This proposal is specifically to cover the subscription cost for the PIVX iStockPhoto account for Graphic Designers to use to support Social Media and other instances where graphic designs are needed.
As my personal details are included in the iStockPhoto account, only 2 trusted PIVians will have access to the account. Any Graphic Designer can just navigate iStockPhoto with their own account, and when they need the free watermarked version replaced with the proper paid for version with the watermark removed, they can simply ask for it from one of those 2 people. Currently, it is expected those 2 people are @LeacyMcK and @MeerkatPower.


All prices are in USD.

The subscription for iStockPhoto.com is $115 USD per month. It was started on Jan 03, 2022. There are 8 months remaining in the current subscription.
I will not be renewing it. Someone else can pick up the responsibility at that time.

Based on a yearly commitment (4 months were already paid for in the prior proposal) the monthly fee is $115 USD.

$115 x 8 = $920 balance for this year for iStockPhoto.

I am including the 50 PIV cost for submitting this proposal as well.

So, we have:

$115 x 8 = $920 = 4,600 PIV (Assuming current price of $0.20 USD per PIV)

Adding the 50 PIV submission fee, we have a total of 4,650 PIV being requested.


I plan on converting the PIVX to fiat soon after receiving it, and setting it aside to pay for the next 8 months. As such, there is no need for me to track any future gain/loss if the price of PIVX changes significantly moving forward.


I will not be reporting out any further details.


Please use the PIVX Core Wallet to find and vote for this proposal.