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Active LMP - Duddino re-pay


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Name: LMP - Duddino re-pay
Term: 2 Cycles
Cycle Amount: 12,500
Total Amount: 25,000
Author: Duddino, Mirela, JSKitty
Receiver: Duddino
Address: DShxa9sykpVUYBe2VKZfq9dzE8f2yBbtmg
Created: 14-04-2024
Status: Active
Vote Hash: 328689550ba203db4aa8acc6b7fecc881c6f392abe4705597b1dbf80cd4d91c2

As explained by @Jeffrey's Budget Repayments post, this is a one-time proposal to catch up with the missed March budget payment, this simply makes accounting easier - no additional funding other than my March proposal submission is requested herein, this is purely a "catch-up" proposal.

Due to tight budget constraints this month, the proposal has been split across two months, as well as recuperating 5k less (25k PIV total rather than 30k PIV).

For Duddino's full-cycle proposal and extensive reporting, check out his LRP - Duddino forum post, the next extensive report will come at the beginning of his next full LRP renewal, thanks all! 💜
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