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Title: Lead of Business Development05
Name: BusinessDev05
Term: 3 Cycles
Cycle Amount: 23,000
Total Amount: 69,000
Author: Jeffrey
Receiver: Jeffrey
Address: DCHnzB2Ds4cdcxopmS92CwBo5eaAneFhPj
Status: Active
Vote Hash: d0268d4d5bf6b662dabe686c51eccfa6805ef712af8023c255664145069d8b3a

Hi everyone!

Thank you so much for all of your support! this is officially my 5th renewal of my role as the lead of business development for PIVX! So much has been achieved yet I can tell you all that is simply the beginning and I have so much to work towards for PIVX.
This proposal is the renewal for my previous proposal found here. The objective of this proposal is the same and that is to fund my full time role as the lead of business development, a role which I have maintained now for 1 year.

As this is simply a renewal, my roles and objectives will remain the same. I Jeffrey, will represent the PIVX project as the official signor and delegator for all upcoming contracts such as but not limited to, Exchange agreements, partnerships, promotions, listings and integrations. I will also be available to KYC to meet the requirements of such organizations. My next goal for this cycle is to continuously work on and improve our relationship with exchanges such as Gate.io and Binance to allow for additions such as Futures contracts and margin contracts. I also seek to get more use cases for PIVX. A major task for me is to always be in contact with our exchanges and to build a positive relationship with them to ensure the longevity of PIVX on their platform as well as to get additional services for PIVX on their platform.

Let's keep building ;)

Accomplishments/Tasks these past 3 months:

  • Binance Futures (In progress - requested)
  • Gate.io Margin contracts (In-review)
  • Gate.io Perpetuals (In-review)
  • SafePal hardware wallet (In contact)
  • KoinBX PIVX/INR - (in-progress / pending proposal)
  • MEXC - (Signed - Pending Payment)
  • Assisted all exchanges with mandatory upgrade
  • Assisted Payment providers / service with mandatory upgrade
  • Gate.io USDT listing
  • Gate.io TRY listing
  • Gate.io assisted with marketing campaigns such as AMA and Airdrop
  • CoinStore campaigns such as CNY
  • HummingBot PIVX/USDT campaign on Gate.io - https://miner.hummingbot.io/market/302
  • Hotscoin PIVX listing
  • Atani exchange PIVX/USDT listing
  • Additional liquidity deployed to Binance to support request of futures and a stronger market
  • BetAltCoins officially accepts PIVX and starts operations
  • CoinRabbit lists PIVX for lending collateral - assisting
  • Added PIVX to coinstore discovery page -
  • PIVX + Travala giveaway campaign with @LeacyMcK

My tasks / responsibilities: (Same as prior proposal)

  • Represent PIVX officially by being KYC compliant with exchanges and organizations that require so.
  • Identifying and pursuing potential business partnerships that will benefit PIVX and the community.
  • Facilitating communication between businesses and the community to provide transparency and allow for decision making on all partnerships and listings to be a community decision.
  • Participating in online events that will promote PIVX (Certain companies may require PIVX representation in online events, I will attend these and promote PIVX as required)
  • Continuous competitor analysis, I aim to be aware of all ongoing activities of our competitors and just the market in general so that I can identify ways in which we can differentiate what we offer or perhaps improve.
  • Most importantly, I will be responsible for managing the relationships with our partnerships and exchanges.
  • Get PIVX listed on additional exchanges (Open new proposals for exchange fee once applicable)
  • I will be focusing on identifying potential marketing campaigns in collaboration with our alliances and partners to bring about benefits for PIVX and effectively introduce PIVX to a larger audience.
  • Build PIVX outside the PIVX community
  • Research and maintain relationships with market makers to assist with securing exchange listings and bringing necessary liquidity.


For this round I will be asking for a 23 000 PIVX every cycle for 3 cycles bringing it to a total of 69 000 PIVX which will be used to fund my position as a full time staff member in PIVX as the business development manager.

I will not be asking for the 50 PIV in submission and processing fees to be reimbursed.

Voting Details:

To Vote YES for this proposal:
mnbudgetvote many d0268d4d5bf6b662dabe686c51eccfa6805ef712af8023c255664145069d8b3a yes
To Vote NO for this proposal:
mnbudgetvote many d0268d4d5bf6b662dabe686c51eccfa6805ef712af8023c255664145069d8b3a no

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