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Name: LRP - JSKitty
Term: 2 Cycles
Cycle Amnt: 22,500 PIV
Total Amnt: 45,000 PIV
Author: JSKitty
Receiver: JSKitty
Address: DNSrdjifk8DuDs5Fd25uoEpDYP8MyRmNnJ
Created: 31-1-2023
Status: Active
Vote Hash: 7790837917f897b1e782a3440ed5f2215d3e86a7d6a75cf47d851bb8623c2aaa

Hello curious PIVian or Labsian!

I'm JSKitty 🐱 - Full-time Lead of the PIVX Labs team, and collaborator at PIVX Core.
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This is my second proposal, in the form of an LRP (Labs Recurring Proposal) to renew my perpetual position in continuing to push PIVX to the next level.

What will this proposal bring, and how will it be executed?

- PIVX Labs (and in addition, PIVX Core) will have one full-time Developer, DevOps and Project Lead, JSKitty.
- I will now provide my full support to both the PIVX Labs and PIVX Core teams, Labs remaining the primary team of independent interests.
- I will now maintain, secure and develop the primary PIVX Labs infrastructure, including all necessary DevOps.
- I will spearhead external efforts and communication lines, such as the pending ShapeShift integration, PIVX.poker revival, community calls & CTAs.
- Perpetual continuation and solo takeover of ALL of the Labs tasks outlined in the first (previous) proposal iteration, here.

Now to the nitty-gritty "broken-down" details...

Labs Leads and Maintainers

PIVX Labs from November to December was led by two Leads, both JSKitty and 11Tuvork28, as of late December, Tuvork had abruptly ended co-operation with the PIVX Labs team, with zero contact, leaving us in a temporary "Code Red" as more than half our infrastructure was held by a potentially hostile and untrustworthy member.

Since then, I have now migrated ALL of the sensitive infrastructure to Labs-owned servers, and cut off project access for this prior Lead member.

The only infrastructure remaining is Labs Analytics, which is currently non-functional, I hope to bring Labs Analytics back online in the near future to continue tracking the growth and engagement of MyPIVXWallet, given we are now preparing for a massive mobile-focused adoption strategy.

I will now solely maintain the majority of Labs infrastructure (which includes MyPIVXWallet.org, Labs Cold Pool, Analytics, and more).
Although @Liquid369 and @palmtree fixed my shitty nginx setup, thank you dudes!

Labs and Core

As of this proposal, I am now team-agnostic between PIVX Labs and PIVX Core, this doesn't detract away from my position or work-flow, nor time spent, at PIVX Labs (it remains my primary team, with independent goals and methods to PIVX Core).

I'll assist PIVX Core foreforth with spearheading of certain events or opportunities (such as ShapeShift DEX, Core Wallet review & development, community calls, assistance with document revision such as PIVX's array of "papers", and more!).

With the "leads" and "agnosticism" parts of this proposal out of the way, let's move on to the funding, and the Labs Progress Report.

The budget within this proposal covers my perpetual "full-time" position, my full attention to detail, without distractions, a true "DAO worker" status.

2-Month Labs Progress Report

In these last two months, Labs has finished MAJOR revamps of the MyPIVXWallet codebase, this has opened the gates for MPW to be developed faster, with an auditable, partitioned, CI-maintained codebase; for example, MPW is now pivoting to Mobile development, and has already made strides in achieving full-blown native app status.

In these two months, we have evolved My PIVX Wallet with:
In descending order of development: bottom is latest, top is first upgrades.

- The Webpack Upgrade (MPW is now using webpack; auditable, extensible and futureproofed, opening the gates to major advancements).
- Auto-login and "View Only" mode (MPW now automatically opens your wallet, with an "Unlock" and "Lock" option).
- Full follow of the PIVX Core upgrade (MPW had a successful proto-bump, and all features work as-usual post-upgrade).
- Synchronisation Revamp (MPW's sync is now FAR faster and lighter than before, optimised for bandwidth, battery & speed).
- Mobile Installer (MPW is now installable on mobile, a preparation for our FULL upcoming mobile experience... shhh).
- Dashboard Redesign (MPW now has a new Dashboard, designed beautifully for mobile-first, highly compact, sleek and modernised).
- Improved Auto-deployments (MPW is now auto-deployed across multiple platforms, like GitHub Pages and the Inter-Planetary File System - IPFS).
- New Infrastructure (Our migrated infrastructure is far more stable and flexible - Labs Cold Pool, MPW's primary instance, and future systems).

What's next?

- [IN-PROGRESS] A complete mobile-first UI makeover, to bring MPW's user-experience to match it's tech capabilities.
- [IN-PROGRESS] Progression on creating a new Rust PIVX implementation for use in WASM, Desktop and mobile wallets.
- [IN-PROGRESS] The ability to compile My PIVX Wallet as a downloadable application for all major OS'es, including Mobile.
- [IN-PROGRESS] The full equivilent tool set of PET4L and SPMT, in a neat, easy to use, all-in-one application.
- [SOON] Electrum-like node protocol, allowing independent validation of blockchain parts (and Sapling Notes).
- [IN-PROGRESS] Full SHIELD Sapling (zk-SNARKs) integration with bi-directional spending routes.
- [SOON] DEX + CEX integrations, such as BasicSwap, BlockDX, Flyp.me and more.
- [SOON] Re-launch of PIVX.poker under vetted developers, infrastructure and guidelines.

... and endless possibilities, want to add your own ideas for us to build? Join and let's get it done!

I, and the entire Labs team + community, thank everyone who have supported our work thus far, and allowed us to prove that we can get shit done without too much messing around - we have some fun, it's what keeps us sane and grounded, down-to-earth, but we keep our direction the same: build, and do it right.

Thanks for reviewing my proposal, now's your choice:

Blue Pill (Vote Yes) | Red Pill (Vote No)

- JSKitty 🐱🔧
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