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Name: LRP - JSKitty
Term: 2 Cycles
Cycle Amount: 20,000
Total Amount: 40,000
Author: JSKitty
Receiver: JSKitty
Address: DSsMLgExd2LZhWHcit7Tkru2bfYEt76B5H
Created: 06-04-2023
Status: Active
Vote Hash: 9127268c9a108a9965bef10d49df9a8ceb14165f41c126ed449b9d1b24dc2e64

Hello curious PIVian or Labsian!

I'm JSKitty 🐱 - Full-time Project Lead of the PIVX Labs team, and collaborator at PIVX Core.
Who is this? Click to get up-to-date on my last proposal.

Yes, Cryptosi, the proposal will be left-aligned from here on (click me)

This is my third proposal, in the form of an LRP (Labs Recurring Proposal) to renew my perpetual position in continuing to push PIVX to the next level, this proposal will test a different style, for both easier readability, and deeper transparency in to each area I work in.

I am the Project Lead of PIVX Labs, as well as a full-time developer for MyPIVXWallet.org - I manage the networking of Labs, assist in marketing efforts with both the PIVX Core marketing team and the growing Labs independent marketing team, work on 1-on-1 merchant adoption and integration for PIVX as a currency of payment, as well as cultivating the Community Development sector of PIVX to assist small aspiring leaders or developers to build their PIVX projects to their full potential.

What have I done in these last two cycles?
  • MyPIVXWallet Development
The following are my Pull Requests that have been merged into MPW during this cycle, starting from the oldest:
- Implement Multi-Currency CoinGecko Display: MPW supports over 60 currencies the user can have their balance displayed in.
- Simplified UI Text: MPW's text was largely rewritten and reduced, making it both mobile-ready and noob-friendly.
- Switched font CDN from Google to Bunny.net: Better privacy, faster speeds, and now zero dependency on Google.
- Implement "Contested Proposals" Filtering: To battle spam & malicious proposals, heavily-downvoted ones are considered Contested.
- Removed Donation System: Labs no longer runs on a donation system.
- Redesigned Wallet Unlock Flow: MPW's unlock flow is now much sleeker, requiring far less steps to use.
- Redesigned Navbar: MPW's navbar was redesigned to contain useful links, with neat icons and less space used up.
- Removed Old Design Files: Just a cleanup of old unused files, yay!
- Performance and SEO Improvements: A large codebase-wide cleanup that massively improved MPW's loading speeds and SEO.
- Redesigned Status System: MPW's status system went from clunky to sleek, it's akin to a car's Dashboard Icons now, informative and tiny.
- Added "View on Explorer" button: You can now quickly see all of your aggregated addresses (yes, all of them!) in the click of a button.
- Further SEO and UX Improvements: To prepare MPW for wider adoption, it's Search Engine indexing received a huge improvement.
- QR Scanner & BIP21: MPW now has an advanced QR Scanner: works for both Public, Shield addresses and Merchant Payment Requests too!
- Various Wallet Import fixes: After MPW's many wallet types were implemented, there were a handful of bugs harming UX, now resolved.
- Zero-Knowledge MPW: This was a PR to delete the entire MPW codebase, which would make it zero-knowledge. (April Fools!).
- Refactor Masternode Privatekeys: This PR optimised and reduced the code which allows MPW to generate Masternode Private Keys.
- Fix Image Metadata: This PR adds three slashes (I'm not kidding, we missed three slashes, it broke our cool images!).

The following are my Pull Requests that are awaiting reviews to be integrated in to the codebase:
- Add Balance Breakdown and Charts: This PR adds a menu in which users can see a sleek doughtnut-chart breakdown of their PIVX balances.

Aside from my own work, I've spent hours dedicated to reviewing, testing and providing feedback to dozens of other developer Pull Requests; this is necessary to catch bugs early, prevent accidental (or even purposeful!) exploits or backdoors, and apply general Quality Control to the codebase.

  • PIVi, the PIVX AI
PIVX Labs (and PIVX Core) communities now have access to PIVi, a project I built using GPT 3.5 to provide an intelligent and highly interactive AI for PIVX-related tasks, such as:
- Improving content workflows (used by Labs and Core: PIVi has made content creation easier for PIVX marketing, proofreading and research).
- Providing insight in to the DAO: anyone can start a convo with PIVi to talk about a proposal, it's pros/cons, it's costs, or anything else relevant!
- Providing user support and/or safety: PIVi knows that non-custodial wallets are great, it also knows PIVX's history, as well as other PIVX info.
- General community entertainment: part of Labs is having a fun environment, and PIVX needs more fun in it's community, like the Snappy days.

  • Adoption, Listings and Marketing work
ShapeShift Integration:
Myself and Alessandro Rezzi were involved in direct contact with ShapeShift.com to acquire a listing on to their DEX: Rezzi had completed the full codebase integration according to their docs, and I was handling coordination and communication with ShapeShift to ensure they had all the resources they needed to complete the process.

ShapeShift's team eventually ended up closing Rezzi's Pull Request, and after almost two months of personally chasing them up, I was given the end reasoning of "Our elected DAO leader has not added this on to our roadmap", we continue to await any sign of cooperation from ShapeShift, however, we have given all resources necessary for the listing, so the rest is in their court at the moment of writing.

I am currently handling communication with a small marketing group, namely Increasity, that is rebooting it's operations, I see this as an opportunity to gain valuable networking and exposure without any major costs associated, we have already gotten a week of pinning on their Twitter account for free, which is leading to thousands of freely generated viewer impressions - I will continue building relations with them personally, on good terms; potentially backing a proposal for them to work closer with us if the cooperation results in genuine engagement and growth for PIVX in the long term.

PIVX Labs Medium and Twitter accounts:
As we grow our independent operations in terms of Marketing team and Community: I've created our own dedicated Medium and Twitter accounts.

- Labs Medium (ran by Sandude and myself) is used for formal long-form content, such as our monthly newsletter called "The Superblock Report" detailing all of the news around the PIVSphere from both PIVX Labs and PIVX Core teams and additionally including any vetted topics or events suggested by the community, providing full and deep transparency to anyone wishing to dive in to the monthly progress of the PIVX DAO.

- Labs Twitter (ran by myself) is used for short-form tech content, marketing and outreach: here we post frequent bite-size progress reports, development progress summaries, engage with the community, and have a "loose" or casual/informal theme, our Twitter is designed to target the "rebel tech" niche, the same realm in which Monero and other well-formed communities thrive inside, our Twitter is a good way for anyone to keep up with PIVX Labs development in bite-size pieces, without getting overwhelmed, nor snoring out of boredom.

In addition to technical development, I have also been actively involved in marketing efforts for MyPIVXWallet, including creating social media content and engaging with the community.

Formed the Labs "Quality Control" process and team:
As MyPIVXWallet continues to rapidly progress, we're sometimes short on reviews for Pull Requests, or accidentally letting some bugs slip in to the codebase due to a lack of reviewers besides from the few developers that wrote said code.

Now, we're freely involving the community in the review process via the "Quality Control" team, a role in PIVX Labs in which community members are taught how to test, review and provide feedback on applications and features developed by the PIVX Labs team.

What will I continue to do for the next two cycles?

- Continue what I've done for the last 6 months, of course!

My current focus at PIVX Labs is the development and adoption of PIVX as a truly mobile currency: we are now less than 1-2 months away from FULL feature-parity with PIVX Core, meaning all of the loved features of PIVX Core for the average user are available in MyPIVXWallet: this means that PIVX will be entirely usable from any device in the world with internet and a browser - instantly, without syncing, without downloads, without difficult setups.

MyPIVXWallet will be officially marked as "v2.0" once Shield is complete and our Mobile UI revamp is complete... as the director of the UI revamp and mobile deployment, I will ensure this gets done.

To be specific, in these next two cycles, my points of interest are:
- Completing "MPW Mobile", aka v2.0.
- Work on the final polish necessary to pivot MyPIVXWallet as THE go-to PIVX wallet for average users.
- Deploying a full, independent marketing team and internal workflow for PIVX Labs.
- Working alongside PIVX Core's business development team (@Jeffrey!!! 💜) to integrate "PIVX <--> BTC/Alt" swaps directly in to MPW, as well as businesses using MPW to integrate direct PIVX payments.
- Assisting community-suggested Labs projects: Such as PIVX.Poker, PIVX Twitch integration or on-chain "SuperChat" systems akin to YT SuperChat.
- Cultivating the PIVX Labs team & community: PIVX Labs is the primary community besides "Main", we'll continue growing with independent values.

... want to add your own ideas for us to build?
Join and let's get it done!

I, and the entire Labs team + community, thank everyone who have supported our work thus far, and allowed us to prove that we can get shit done without too much messing around - we have some fun, it's what keeps us sane and grounded, down-to-earth, but we keep our direction the same: build, and do it right.

Thanks for reviewing my proposal, now's your choice:

Purple Pill (Vote Yes) | Red Pill (Vote No)

- JSKitty 🐱🔧
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