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Name: LMP - Meerkat
Term: 2 Cycles
Cycle Amnt: 20,000
Total Amnt: 40,000
Author: JSKitty, Meerkat, Mirela
Receiver: Meerkat
Address: DBaWgpEKnV8Gr7CNFBWwjAJZqK3irdZkUM
Created: 06-04-2024
Status: Active
Vote Hash: ecb08122454373a2dd7dc8e1bd1008e5b0d0e5ea5a3a54a7b01ac227cda37159

Proposal Abstract
Meerkat is a Graphical Designer, Frontend Developer, and UX professional - helping PIVX Labs finalise the design of Shield UX in MPW, along with BreadJS and the MPW Shield developers, providing graphical designs to prepare for announcements and releases on the PIVX Labs social accounts.

These last two months, Meerkat spent a majority of her time working on the redesign mockups and branding for My PIVX Wallet v2.0, these mockups are now complete, passed along to BreadJS to implement 1:1 in the application, Meerkat will continue providing guidance and edits to v2.0 as it progresses, however, with the largest part out of the way, she successfully completed the redesign of My PIVX Wallet v2.0. 👀 🔥

Alongside, she's continued her task of being the primary Graphic Designer for PIVX Labs socials, with over a dozen graphics created in total for various releases, updates, promotional events and announcements.

PIVX Labs Social Designs
(Non-exhaustive list, each design was also made with THREE versions, to fit each social platform precisely, making this a list of 9, not 3)

My PIVX Wallet v2.0 Designs (Mockup)
(Non-exhaustive list, these are screenshots of various mockups, of which there is dozens and dozens for every page and prompt of the wallet)

PIVX Core Social Designs

Meerkat has also done a multitude of graphics for the PIVX Core Social Team, these can be found on the social accounts owned by PIVX Core.

🟣 PIVX: https://x.com/_PIVX/
🟣 PIVXCommunity: https://x.com/PIVXcommunity/

Proposal Plans

With My PIVX Wallet v2.0 mockups out of the way, Meerkat is now tasked with an even bigger project that she'll be developing (both Design and Implementation), code-named "Labs Home", this will be a new dedicated Labs website completely packed with information about ALL PIVX Labs projects, with sub-pages for every project, FAQs, a Team Page, dynamic transparency stats (such as Labs' Budget Usage, Cold Staking decentralization using data from the Labs Pool, and more).

This website will act as the primary "unifier" of Labs projects, one of our large problems currently is the fractured state in which each sub-project remains, due to having no central link between them aside from the Labs Discord, this impedes onboarding: for example, PIVX Rewards is an exceptional onboarding tool, however, the only way for users to see the rest of the ecosystem, is to manually dig for information in Discord or to search the Web, and PIVX.org is not geared towards educating users on the 6+ platforms we operate, Labs Home will act as the funnel to PIVX's 'internal' ecosystem, educating users up-front, and building a circular economy.

Now, to give an idea of what we're aiming to achieve these two cycles, with Meerkat:

  • Starting the development of "Labs Home", the educational on-boarding funnel to the internal PIVX Ecosystem.
  • Guiding the design of My PIVX Wallet v2.0, overseeing the work of BreadJS and additional developers while v2.0 progresses.
  • Creating social media graphics for PIVX Labs (Twitter, etc).
  • Creating social media graphics for PIVX Core (Twitter, Instagram, etc).
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