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Name: LMP - Meerkat
Term: 2 Cycles
Cycle Amnt: 20,000
Total Amnt: 40,000
Author: JSKitty, Meerkat, Mirela
Receiver: Meerkat
Address: DBaWgpEKnV8Gr7CNFBWwjAJZqK3irdZkUM
Created: 08-06-2024
Status: Active
Vote Hash: 246dfa00cf2fd1586d210dbd06fe720596ac236464f0fa481ed860e450e217f1

Proposal Abstract
Meerkat is a Graphical Designer, Frontend Developer, and UX professional - helping PIVX Labs finalise the design of Shield UX in MPW, along with BreadJS and the MPW Shield developers, providing graphical designs to prepare for announcements and releases on the PIVX Labs social accounts.

These last two months, Meerkat spent a majority of her time working on the Labs Home website, creating the design from scratch alongside iterative team input, Labs Home is still in the rough stages, but coming together in terms of page structure, graphic design, layouts and data displays, she also spent time finalising small areas of MyPIVXWallet that required tweaks or new inclusions in it's design process, mostly from feature changes and additions.

Alongside, she's continued her task of being the primary Graphic Designer for PIVX Labs socials, with over a dozen graphics created in total for various releases, updates, promotional events and announcements.

PIVX Labs Social Designs
(Non-exhaustive list, each design was also made with THREE versions, to fit each social platform precisely, making this a list of 9, not 3)

Note: The forum isn't allowing me to embed the images, so a handful of links will have to suffice.

Labs Home (Mockups)
(This platform is a work-in-progress, and for marketing reasons, the full mockups will not be displayed until the platform is closer to launch)

PIVX Core Social Designs

Meerkat has also done a multitude of graphics for the PIVX Core Social Team, these can be found on the social accounts owned by PIVX Core.

🟣 PIVX: https://x.com/_PIVX/
🟣 PIVXCommunity: https://x.com/PIVXcommunity/

Proposal Plans

Meerkat will continue her task of building the Labs Home website, an all-in-one resource to navigating the services of PIVX Labs, learning about PIVX in a newbie-focused way with the usecases and products that PIVX Labs provides.

To give an idea of what we're aiming to achieve these two cycles, with Meerkat:

  • Continuing the development of "Labs Home", the educational on-boarding funnel to the internal PIVX Ecosystem.
  • Assisting with design improvements for popular and/or upcoming Labs platforms, such as PIVCards and Labs Oracle.
  • Guiding the design of My PIVX Wallet v2.0, overseeing the work of BreadJS and additional developers while v2.0 finalises.
  • Creating social media graphics for PIVX Labs (Twitter, etc).
  • Creating social media graphics for PIVX Core (Twitter, Instagram, etc).
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