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Luke Fullbrook next 3 months


Posting on behalf of Luke. Remember you can pay with PIVX on his site for all your fitness training goals.





Hello Everybody

This is fullstrength001.

This is my proposal for the next budget of PIVX for the next three months.

I am looking to continue my sponsorship agreement with PIVX for the sum of 1000PIV per month for the next 3 months.

In exchange for this I will continue with the uploading of social media posts daily, mentioning @PIVX, @PIVXSPORTS and @PIVXCRYPTO and relevant hashtags. My social media following has grown even more over the last few months, with me reaching over 11,500 followers on Instagram. This enables me to use a swipe up on my stories, which I can link to PIVX websites and links. My facebook following on my private page is over 5k, my business page is over 4k now and I am starting to build up my Twitter following too. This is only sat at just over 500 followers but is a work in progress.
The PIV will be used for weekly physio, monthly supplements and boosting posts on my social media to increase engagement and reach.
As mentioned in my last proposal I had just finished filming 8 episodes for a program called ‘Beasted’. This was filmed exclusively for Lad and Sport Bible to help promote Facebooks TV series as a competitor to YouTube and Netflix. This was a huge success – Episode 1 had 900k views; Episode 2 had 1.2 million; Episode 3 had 3.3 million; Episode 4 1 million; Episode 5 750k; Episode 6 1.2 million; Episode 7 1.4 million; Episode 8 750k. Everybody is extremely happy with the success of the episodes and I will hear about a season 2 in the very near future. On a few episodes I was able to wear my PIVX branded clothing. When sharing these episodes on my social media I was able to direct people straight to my web page and personal training page where PIVX is promoted with pictures, hashtags and links. I am also now able to take PIV as payment for my services through my webpage and have had a few transactions this way.

So far the financial assistance from PIVX has seen me take part in 5 competitions, both in the UK and internationally, during the 2019 season. My first full year back competing was a big success, and for your help with all of that I am truly grateful. I’ll outlay my plans for the 2020 season below for you.

So the first part of the plan was to drop some fat and get fitter, as this is definitely what let me down at the Worlds last year in Florida. Mission accomplished. I have dropped from 140kg to 129kg, maintain all my muscle mass and lowered by body fat percentage by over 3%. My fitness is also up there at the moment too with my resting heart rate sitting at 53 bpm. Had my blood work done and all my markers are good and been given a clean bill of health. So now is the time to build, and come back stronger.
  • So my first competition is Englands Strongest Master on 2nd May, this is a qualifier for the UKs. I came 3rd in this competition last year and look to improve on that massively. The events are much better suited to me and I feel like a win is more than achievable with my new level of fitness.
  • 2nd competition of the year will be the UKs on the 28th June, this is a qualifier for the worlds. The events will be similar to that of the Englands only slightly heavier. Again I came 3rd in this last year and will improve on this with an event win.
  • 3rd competition will be the worlds in August. This date has not been finalised yet but if it works I’ll be there in Belfast competing with the best in the world again over a 3 day competition.
  • 4th Competition will be the European Log and Deadlift championships on the 10th and 11th October, this is held at the SFN in Glasgow. I’ll be looking to win this in the Masters category and looking to pull a 400kg deadlift and press a 200kg log. The log will be a Masters Record in both Britain and the World.
  • 5th Competition is one called the STATIC MONSTERS. This again is a max deadlift and log competition. Again I will be looking to take the World Records in the Log, deadlift and combined total for this. So 3 world records in one go. The log is 172.7kgs at the moment, my current max is 186kg and hoping to press 200kg. The deadlift is 420kg (this particular deadlift is pulled from 18”); my lifetime max on this was 450kgs; so again an extremely good chance of getting that. The current world record total is 570kg for these two lifts combined. So with my current maxes I already beat that.
The Purple Road campaign was a huge success last year and the interaction on social media was immense on all platforms. So I believe doing something similar to this again would reap dividends. I am open to all ideas of how this should be done.

Time and sponsorship permitting, it would be awesome to be able to compete again in the World Strongman Games in Florida (this would mean representing PIVX at two world events) and better my placings on last year. I am no longer petrified of the plane journey that caused me so many issues. I am finally excited to compete internationally.

Thank you for taking the time to read my proposal, and I look forward to hearing any feedback.

Luke Fullbrook.

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