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Hello Everybody

This is fullstrength001.
This is my pre-proposal for the next budget of PIVX for the next three months.

I am looking to continue my sponsorship agreement with PIVX for the sum of 1000PIV per month for the next 3 months.

In exchange for this I will continue with the uploading of social media posts daily, mentioning @PIVX, @PIVXSPORTS and @PIVXCRYPTO and relevant hashtags. My social media following has grown astronomically over the last few months, with me reaching over 10,500 followers on Instagram. This enables me to use a swipe up on my stories, which I can link to PIVX websites and links.

The PIV will be used for weekly physio, monthly supplements and boosting posts on my social media to increase engagement and reach.
So far the financial assistance from PIVX has seen me take part in 5 competitions, both in the UK and internationally. My first full year back competing in 2019 has been a success. 2020 will see me win titles and push on even further in the world of strongman.

The Purple Road campaign was a huge success, with thousands of views of my posts and hundreds of likes and comments. The journey to Florida was fully documented across Instagram and Facebook using all of the relevant hashtags and links to PIVX accounts increasing traffic in the PIVX direction.

The World Strongman Games was a mixed bag for myself. Overall I finished 12th, missing a spot at the finals on day 3 by 0.5 points. I was extremely disappointed with this result. On reflection, there was nothing more I could have given. I left it all out on the arena floor. It wasn’t my weekend. The events were not my strongest, but I did everything to try and build on my weaknesses prior to the competition with the help of PIVX. A video has been submitted for editing, which will be an honest reflection of the whole competition. Below is a brief breakdown of the events and my placings.
Day 1
  • Viking Press 140kg in hand. I finished 3rd in this event with 11 reps. I beat seasoned WSM competitors such as Mark Felix, Terry Hollands, Nick Best and Ken McClelland in this event.
  • Farmers 143kg each hand. Overall placing was 18th in this event. I managed to get a personal best which I was happy with.
Day 2
  • Deadlift Ladder 265kg, 288kg, 306kg, 329kg in a timed event. I placed 7th overall in this event. There was physically nothing I could have done to improve my time on this. Unfortunately due to previous injuries I have to use straps when lifting which cost me time. All the athletes who placed above me, did not use straps. The weights were not an issue. I was the first competitor to finish the deadlift ladder. Had the event been for reps at the highest weight, I would have won for sure.
  • Loading Medley. Sandbag 136kg, keg 132kg, husafell stone 147kg with a drag of all implements once in the sled. I dropped the sandbag twice during the carry, which not only lost me time, but expended energy I needed. As a result I finished 20th overall in this event.
There was a lot of time for reflection after the competition, and I am proud of how far I have come given my current personal circumstances and mental battles. Next year I have a plan in place to be able to win those titles and manage my competing schedule around competitions which I know I am capable of winning.

I am looking to compete in my first competition of 2020 in April. Englands Strongest Master which I came 3rd in this year. I will 100% improve on that.

This will be followed by UK’s Strongest Man and Europe’s Strongest Man where I placed 3rd in both in 2019. 1st place will be mine in 2020.
In addition to this I look to compete in the European Deadlift and Log Lift Championships where based on the numbers of the winner this year, I know I can win and possibly break the world record for a master.

There is also a Static Monsters Competition, which plays to my strengths which if qualified, results in a final in OHIO, USA. Again I will be looking to break world records in the deadlift, log lift and the combined record of the two.
Time and sponsorship permitting, it would be awesome to be able to compete again in the World Strongman Games and better my placings on this year. I am no longer petrified of the plane journey that caused me so many issues. I am finally excited to compete internationally.

I am also one of the trainers on Facebook TV programme Beasted with Eddie Hall. This is a pilot initiative commissioned by Facebook, featuring on Ladbible and Sportbible to promote Facebooks TV series as a competitor to Youtube and Netflix. We have just completed filming of the first 8 episodes. The first of which received 620,000 views. It has been written into my contract that we are guaranteed over 100million views over the series of 8 episodes worldwide and my personal training page is directly tagged in the post. This enables people to go to my personal training page directly where PIVX is promoted with pictures, hashtags and links. There is also access to my website through my page, again giving direct access to both myself and PIVX. We are in talks about a second series already, where there will be more episodes, of longer duration, and hopefully even more exposure.

My website has also been updated to accept PIVX. Thank you chad and rhubarb for making this site for me. You can now pay for any of my services using PIVX or any other crypto supported by vendible.

Thank you for taking the time to read my proposal, and I look forward to hearing any feedback.

Luke Fullbrook.