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Many of you know @Ambassador#2984 - and if you do not, you should. He's an awesome PIVIAN, and someone who did massive work for us on REDDIT not to long ago.

His proposals didn't pass/get funded, so we're doing this old school.

I'm looking to crowdfund for him to get back in the saddle, and drive reddit to its glory.

He's basically looking for 2.5k PIV to manage the entire reddit domain for PIVX (monitoring, boosting articles, keeping teams informed, and a lot more elements that if you want to know more, you can ping him about because he has a plan and special sauce).

I personally put my own reputation out on the line for him.

If you'd like to donate (directly to him...not my addy), please consider and thank you!

I wish to keep him ACTIVE as I wish for myself too. REDDIT has over 10K PIVIANS that I feel them only SILENCE Mode.
If he is STILL interested PLEASE ACTIVATE the FORUM with another POST.
--- QTEZ
checked the new posts in the sub > nice & it seems @qtez has been active there :)


about the topic, was it @Ambassador#2984 who has grown the sub to that level? .. impressive! and really well organised. good job!