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Draft Marketing - Fundamental Tasks and Campaigns


Title: Marketing - Fundamental tasks and campaigns
Name: marketing-Q2-2023
Term: 2 cycles
Cycle Amount: 10,000
Total Amount: 20,000
Author: Sh_rn
Receiver: Sh_rn
Status: Draft

Proposal Background​

Hi everyone. Over the last few months I’ve been working closely with the PIVX team, and some of my recent work has included designing social media graphics, designing and building the new PIVX Foundation website, making updates to the official PIVX website and helping the Labs team with UI and UX feedback for MPW v2.0.

In the past few months, I have gained valuable insights into various areas related to the growth of PIVX. I have identified several areas that can be improved, and I believe it would be of significant benefit for someone experienced to work on these areas. This is especially crucial now that we have an active Business Manager creating new opportunities for the project. To fully seize on these opportunities, we need to work on our core messages and improve our onboarding flows, especially for users who are discovering PIVX for the first time.

The proposal below is the result of research and ideation I've conducted over the past few weeks. The insights I've gained from more than 6 years working in the crypto industry in the onboarding, growth, and adoption areas have also informed this proposal.

My Experience​

Prior to discovering blockchain and crypto projects, I worked on various projects as PM and Campaign Manager at a Digital Marketing Agency, producing multimedia ads for established brands. As such I have planned, designed and published successful digital campaigns for RedBull, Citroën and Rauch, to name just a few. I also have experience in various areas of lead-generation including content and opt-in marketing, and have launched landing page campaigns for both traditional and crypto projects. I now hope to be given the chance to bring some of this experience to the PIVX project.

Some Goals and Deliverables

After researching some key areas I have broken my initial ideas into actionable tasks that I can do, prioritising the ones that I think are essential for us to be able to continue to expand our marketing efforts after these have been completed:

  • I will improve the “tone of voice” across official websites and landing pages.
  • I will improve the readability of our main website and any other sites as needed.
  • I will identify areas where we can improve our SEO-related content and links.
  • I will work to organically increase the number of new Discord users by setting up new onboarding funnels.
  • I will implement a simple system to gather input and feedback from the PIVX community regarding future marketing ideas and plans.
  • I will engage and discuss these ideas with the community to see if and how we can implement the best ones.
  • I will undertake a review of all of our “ever-green” articles and content, creating a report on which content can be repurposed or updated to keep it relevant and useful to readers.
  • I will report on my work every two weeks to communicate progress ensuring all my work is transparent (or, if needed, I will explain why progress in a particular area is blocked and suggest ideas how to solve this).

My first tasks​

The tasks below will be started in cycle 1 and some will continue into cycle 2. Any new tasks that I discover need doing during this proposal period will be communicated transparently.
  • Website Content Optimisation and improved user-experience - there is a lot of work to do here based on some of the preliminary research I have done. The website is very tech-focused and in many places doesn’t communicate the benefits of the tech to the user. It also has quite a few grammatical errors and very long sentences. My estimate for this task is approx 2 weeks, including a full content review, rewriting content where needed, checking readability, and then adding the new content via the CMS or updating the code. There will also be some minor code changes needed which I will also do myself where possible. Please see the screenshots attached for examples why we need to do this asap.
  • Lead generation and traffic drive from websites to the relevant Discord communities - the community growth has stalled over the last months as can be seen from the Discord insights data. My goal will be to kickstart the discussion about how we can improve this and then implement some traffic-driving solutions to help grow the Discord communities.
  • Research keywords and search result data so I am in a position to be able to prepare multiple landing page campaigns with the goal being to convert browsers into users by directing them to targeted landing pages. At the time of posting we don’t have access to any useful Google analytics data for PIVX.org but hopefully this will be resolved by the time the proposal is submitted.
  • Review and report on our blog content to see how we can increase conversions by implementing CTA’s and SEO-related links, and identifying which content can be considered “evergreen”. If I have access I will make any recommended changes myself, or if not, prepare a report and recommendations for someone who does have access.
  • Design and build multiple landing page campaigns for topics relevant to our target audience and campaigns. This includes designing and coding the landing pages as needed.


As with all marketing efforts, it’s imperative that we measure the success of any campaigns by setting objectives and reviewing KPI’s such as conversion rates, CTR’s and engagement levels etc. As such, I will be transparent as possible with the work I undertake, and each 2 week period I will provide a report on the impact of the work being done and share the plans for the next 2 weeks.

At this early stage it is difficult to define any clear KPI’s as I don’t have access to any data apart from Discord Insights. However, once everything is setup I should be able to start defining some KPI’s over the coming weeks, and I will make these known to the community as soon as they’re defined.


PIVX is an innovative project and I believe that any marketing efforts should also be use the latest technical innovations where possible. As such, while working on the marketing planning and implementation, I will also be exploring opportunities to automate the processes where possible. Automation can help optimise our resources and also maximise our reach. This will likely include using AI for reviews, automation platforms (eg Zapier), and professional marketing software.


This proposal is to request 10,000 PIVX each cycle for 2 cycles, for a total of 20,000 PIVX. This will fund me to commit 20 hrs a week to PIVX marketing tasks for the first 2 months. This should be enough time for me to complete all the reviews, prepare the suggestions and undertake the tasks as outlined above. Working on the above tasks for 20hrs per week would also ensure this work doesn’t impact any of my other commitments (graphic designer for PIVX etc). The funding also covers any costs I incur for software such as landing page optimiser, lead-generation software etc.

One Final Note…​

I would like to emphasise that, if this proposal passes, my primary role as a contributor to the PIVX DAO would be to carry out the proposed marketing tasks to the best of my ability, contributing to the growth and success of the PIVX project. While I may come up with ideas about how we can improve in other areas not covered by my proposal, I need to make it clear that this is not a proposal for any “management” role. I will undertake to do as much of the work above by myself.

Thank you for reading and I welcome any feedback you might have.


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Nice proposal!

I have one comment:

Re; "It also has quite a few grammatical errors and very long sentences."

Don't forget that all the text on the website is translated into multiple languages. If you change the English version, then all the other languages should be changed too. Not sure how that should be handled. I know the text is stored in *.yaml type files. So, maybe once you are complete with the English changes, you or someone else can get the translations completed too? Having said that, looking at your 'readability.png' image, I would think that translating gets a lot easier once the English is improved.

Good luck!
Thanks @Eric_Stanek !

Yes, in total we have 9 other language files that will eventually need to be updated to match any changes in the EN file. The idea is to work on the EN content first and then I will review the other languages. And like you say, hopefully this work will be a lot easier after the readability improvements!
I personally back this proposal - Shorn has been incredibly helpful with feedback at Labs and generally guiding us to make user-focused and data-driven decisions (which sounds like boring marketing-splurge, but seriously, it's ridiculously useful to tailor PIVX applications such as MPW, to real users, for real usecases, meaning real adoption).

We've underestimated the value of marketing campaigns/strategies, growth and deep SEO for long enough, leaving the brunt of the ideas to people that are already overworked and overburdened (Leacy!).

- JSKitty.
Data driven decisions makes it easier to decide where to spend out limited resources.
Not everything lends itself to being directly demonstrated in the data, but where it can be, we absolutely need to capture that data and decide accordingly.
Otherwise, we are working harder instead of smarter.