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Draft MKT-LeanderBR-Apr24


Title: MKT-LeanderBR-Apr24
Name: MKT-LeanderBR-Apr24
Term: 3 cycles
Cycle Amount: 3.000
Total Amount: 9,000
Author: Leander
Receiver: Leander
Created : 3/28/2024
Status: Active

My name is Leander, 35 years old, I'm new to the community, and after just a few days studying PIVX I fell in love.
I have a background in IT and I am available to add and contribute in any way possible. I'm not fluent in English, but learning about PIVX and interacting with the community motivated me to set this goal as a personal goal for 2025.
When I was still studying, in 2009~2012 I created a private server for the game 'Ragnarok Online', what was a hobby ended up becoming low rate TOP1 here, I have great memories, it was a great experience managing the website, database, bug solving in C, marketing and mostly dealing directly with community support via Teamspeak and Forum. Anyone who has played knows what nostalgia means.
The proposal is simple and objective: to finance the expansion of the PIVX name in Brazil, encouraging the use of its tools.
The challenge is great, but with seriousness and commitment I believe that I will achieve all the goals set out in this proposal.

Use social media (Youtube and Instagram) to attract new investors and users, channeling traffic to PIVX's official channels, fostering the community/Forum/Discord and using the available tools (Reedem/Poker/PIVCards/Staker/MN/etc), bringing transaction volume/tx, encouraging exchange without intermediaries in a safe and anonymous way, self-custody, something essential/fundamental nowadays and little spread in society.
I hope to provide a relevant and quality service, earn the title of PIVX ambassador and carry out everything that is proposed on a permanent basis, regardless of funding, with humility and consistency.


1. Relay news and updates from official channels.
2. Create tutorials on the available tools (MPW, PIVX CORE, STAKE, MASTERNODE, PIVCARDS, POKER and PROMO) in an easy and intuitive way.
2.1. with automatic caption.​
3. Create unique content.
3.1. Graphical analysis of BTC and PIVX in a coherent and responsible manner.​
3.1.1. This format will be transparent, as I will use a public portfolio with its own resources so that it is possible to audit the veracity and effectiveness of the method applied.​
3.2. Content in general in a creative and interactive way.​
4. Report on the progress of the proposal in an organized and transparent manner.

5. Paid traffic.
5.1. In the first cycle I intend to perform A/B tests to evaluate the performance of the campaigns, I will be publishing Google Analytics statistics.​
situação atual trend.png
6. Create redemption coupons for each social media post.
6.1. The first to view the code and redeem it wins the prize. (~10Piv) The effective use of the Redeem tool will bring demand and, consequently, create interest for new pivians who will have to create and use MPW for the first time, in addition to providing public engagement and expectation for future posts.​
6.2. Live Reedem code delivery, practical use, demonstrating the creation and redemption of the code in real time.​
7. Pivcard giveaway.
7.1. Disseminate/encourage the use of the PIVCards tool and demonstrate the ease and practicality of effectively spending PIV on a daily basis.​
8. Promote pivx.poker tournaments organically.
8.1. I will be understanding how this dynamic will be carried out and updating this topic.​
9. Spread the word about PIVX rewards.
10. Customized material.
10.1. Custom Shirt.​

11. The proposal has a value of 3k for 3 cycles, based on current and similar proposals (PIVX-Spanish-Feb24 / PIVXTurkeyPromotion).
12. I will not ask for a refund of the 50 PIV in submission and processing fees.
13. I hope that everyone will contribute positive or negative feedback on my proposal and also your vote, so that I can improve and format the proposal in the best way to benefit PIVX.
14. Hope to see this radiant map soon!
Globo blockchain.png
15. I invite any Piviano who speaks Portuguese and wants to keep in touch, I am available to discuss ideas. ;)
16. If you have any questions about the proposal or due to translation agreement, don't hesitate to ask.
17. Thank you for your attention.

Brazil's population of 214.3 million (2021 census) is one of the most social media active countries in the world, in third place behind India and Indonesia. (Source: Forbes)

The 10 most used social networks in Brazil in 2023 are: (Source: uol)
WhatsApp (169 mi)
YouTube (142 mi)
Instagram (113 mi)

Facebook (109 mi)
TikTok (82m)
LinkedIn (63 mi)
Messenger (62 mi)
Kwai (48 miles)

Top 20 Global Crypto Adoption Index 2023 (Source: Chainalysis)
1 India
2 Nigeria
3 Vietnam
4 United States
5 Ukraine
6 Philippines
7 Indonésia
8 Pakistan
9 Brazil
10 Thailand
11 China
12 Peru
13 Russia
14 United Kingdom
15 Argentina
16 Mexico
17 Bangladesh
18 Japan
19 Canada
20 Morocco

PIX (THE Brazilian FEDNOW)
Pix is an instant monetary transfer and instant electronic payment method in Brazilian real, offered by the Central Bank of Brazil to individuals and legal entities, which operates 24 hours a day, uninterruptedly, being the most recent payment method in the Payment System Brazilian.

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1. How old are you? You stated your age, but it has a typo. I assume 35? Doesn't really matter, as long as you are an adult. :)
2. Will you create new social channels specific to Brazil or to Portuguese?
The point is a common joke around here, referring to versions and so on. adjusted. Legend has it that men never mature. 😅

Yes, these are new channels with a Brazilian target audience, but there will be the option of automatic translation for YouTube, for example. I removed what I said about AI dubbing to avoid confusion at the moment.

I hope I have answered your question. Thank you for your interest.
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