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Title: panda-bot integration
Name: panda-bot-Nov-2019
Term: 2
Cycle Amnt: 2000 PIV
Total Amnt: 4000 PIV
Author: fatpandabot
Receiver: fatpandabot
Address: D8ozEns9SKpEXF8fd2ppY6JNfwMKsexDyX
Created: 15.11.2019
Status: Proposal

Hello everyone, this is the proposal to maintain the PIVX integration on panda-bot and the underlying platform.

Around April this year we (the panda-bot team) offered to integrate PIVX onto our platform as a provisional trial to start building a mutually beneficial relationship. panda-bot is a public Discord crypto bot which serves the purpose of community engagement, marketing, project info and community safety. It is currently serving 1500 Discord servers with close to 300,000 users at the time of this post. We are looking to expand into Telegram and other platforms in the future and we current support Bitcoin/PIVX based coins as well as ETH/TRX based tokens.

Initial integration with PIVX was completed by May and we have received some interest from the community as many of our customer projects are PIVX forks, however we've not been able to officially engage the market with this partnership as it has yet to be formalised.

The PIV will be used to officially list PIVX on panda-bot platform as well as a number of promotional campaigns to introduce more awareness to the altcoin community that we support (especially the masternode market) to PIVX as one of the founding and stable projects in this industry.

I believe we have shown genuine interest in growing this partnership as well as our good will and stability, the success of this proposal would allow us to educate masses and generate interest in both PIVX and panda-bot.

Please find our links below:
Website https://pandabot.fatpanda.club/
Discord https://discord.gg/Hs57Jg4

Thank you for your time, would very much appreciate your feedback.


panda-bot team
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