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Draft PIVX and BlockDX alliance - Front End Dev and Build


- Title: PIVX and BlockDX alliance - Front End Dev and Build
- Name: blockdxfrontenddev
- Term: 1
- Cycle Amnt: 40000
- Total Amnt: 40000
- Author: Shorn
- Receiver: Shorn
- Address:
- Created: 27-01-2023
- Status: Pre-Proposed

Hi all,

This proposal aims to continue the BlockDX and PIVX alliance in order to put the DEX development back on track.

The benefits of this alliance for the PIVX community have been discussed before and I think everyone understands that having PIVX listed and trading on an unstoppable, user-friendly DEX is essential for the long-term success of PIVX.

For an overview of the BlockDX project roadmap please see the PDF attached to my previous post here: https://forum.pivx.org/attachments/block_dx_roadmap_-_features_development_overview-pdf.773/

Here is a summary of the UI build task, taken from the roadmap PDF:

Problem Statement:
Block DX is currently written in the Angular framework. With our stated and agreed upon goal of building a lightweight desktop dapp that can also serve as the foundation for a web3.0 version, rewriting Block DX in React JS will enable us to deliver this. The app will be cleaner, lighter, easier to maintain and less bug-prone compared to the existing angular version.
Target Environments:
Modern web browsers (including mobile), linux desktop, windows desktop, mac desktop (standalone apps).
The designs and higher-level planning have been completed, so I'm now hoping to move on to building the new UI. This will significantly improve the user experience and also provide our PIVX marketing team with fresh and exciting content to promote.

Development milestones and goals for this proposal:

  1. BlockDX UI v2.0 - build the new UI in ReactJS
The new UI design is 95% complete and recently I started onboarding an experienced ReactJS developer to the project. This developer is getting familiar with the BlockDX code and understands the goal for this phase. They are ready to start work as soon as we have the funding secured. I recently worked with this developer on another project and found their work to be of excellent quality. They are also very communicative and knowledgeable.


Building the new UI for BlockDX will enable us to relaunch the DEX and start pushing some new marketing campaigns. It not only kickstarts the next phase of the development, but it will also enable us to cross-promote across PIVX and Blocknet socials, and our intention is to feature PIVX prominently in all marketing material.


Total funding requested for this stage: 40,000 PIVX for 1 cycle (4 weeks of full-time dev, part-time PM / QA)

75% - to the front-end developer - I will arrange liquidating the payments weekly as they have asked to be paid in USDC or BTC (they are very new to crypto)
25% - paid to myself for PM and QA, including:

  • creating the Github tasks and maintaining the project board
  • design QA
  • task/code review and QA
  • coordination with PIVX marketing team

What’s next?​

Once this UI rebuild is successfully funded and delivered, then the following items will be next on the development roadmap:

  • Integrate XLite with BlockDX - combining features into one app (ReactJS, Python, RPC, APIs etc)
  • Research support for ERC20 tokens in XBridge (some code already exists for this)
More info to follow for this once the first item is completed.

Important points to note:

  1. The timeline for this UI build phase is expected to be no more than 6-8 weeks. It is estimated that the funding requested above will cover most, if not all, the work needed to deliver the front end code. If, however, the project is not completed within this budget then a detailed report of the remaining items will be presented before requesting any further funding.
  2. The expected timeline for all the items identified in “Phase 1 - Development Milestones” of the product roadmap document is approx 6 months (at this early stage it is impossible to give a more precise date).