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Archived PIVX Cash Grab March 2022.


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Title: PIVX Cash Grab March 2022
Name: PIVX-Cash-Grab-202203
Term: 1 Cycle
Cycle Amount: 15500 PIV
Total Amount: 15500 PIV
Author: Eric Stanek
Receiver: Eric Stanek
Address: DA36PwDjkFmgcoLBweUSNRtFAh8D7Tijpr
Created: March 14, 2022
Status: Active
Vote Hash: f50fd6673a7169f74df3556f92e5abbbad3b6d200637e0876b8deecebb4fe1f4


There were discussions taking place on who should submit a proposal for the available balance, what it should include, and how it should be redistributed.
This is normal for team proposals to discuss things first and often things happen at the last minute. However it seems communication has stopped and I am not sure why. I hope everyone is well.

If a new Core Development proposal shows up in time, please vote this one down. I simply want to make sure the available funds are not lost. Time is running out.

If this proposal is funded, I will prompt a discussion here to get some sort of Community Consensus before redistributing the funds.

Once such a redistribution happens, I will update this forum entry, and any further reporting will be handled by the people receiving the funds.

I am not going to give Voting instructions here, since we now have a BEAUTIFUL IN WALLET Voting System that makes it easy! :)
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There is a new group forming, including PIVians that have stepped up to help manage our path forward. We expect that this week, the groups will merge.

All in all, it means some people are stepping back, and new people are stepping up. This is a good thing.

In the past week, we have learned a LOT about the options we have moving forward. I suspect that the funds collected in this proposal can be put to good use to help execute that plan. Once that plan is ready, I will update this proposal with suggestions.
The Slush Fund from @Sparrow has been used up. You can see the itemized breakdown here.

Note that the final payout was 3,931 PIV sent to Hawtchkiss for creation of PIVX graphics for social media. However, the amount to be paid was 4,200 PIV.

As such, I am sending 4,200 - 3,931 = 269 PIV from these proposal funds to complete the payment.

Balance moving forward:

15,231 PIV
A new Development Team is currently working on a Pull Request to get the new rewards amounts implemented.
The balance of this 'Cash Grab' will go towards a partial payment for their work.
Unless something changes with that plan, there will be no further update to this proposal.
I just paid the new Development Team for their work on v5.5.0 since the PR has been merged, and tested, and production release is being planned. Cost was $3,500 USD paid in PIVX. At the current price of $0.31 USD per PIV, that worked out to 11,290 PIV.

Balance moving forward:

3,941 PIV

For clarity, I will move this balance to the August Slush Fund Balance, so spends can be tracked in 1 place, and this proposal closed out.

Please see https://forum.pivx.org/threads/pivx-slush-fund-august-2022.1193/ for the balance being added there.

Thanks everyone!