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PIVX Cold Staking

Also, another question, what are the chances of adding cold stakers to the masternodes and allowing them to vote? would that be a lot of work?
Hello! Great news for all PIVX community. The anticipated Cold Staking is now available on Allnodes with 0% commission!

More info in this thread: https://forum.pivx.org/index.php?threads/0-fee-pivx-cold-staking-on-allnodes.574/

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Thanks! I am nube to PIVX, but plan to try cold-staking with you. But, just out curiosity, why is Allnodes doing this? How does your company benefit?

It’s very simple. The system doesn’t provide the option of staking commission, that’s why it’s 0%. We are happy to support the PIVX community and that’s why we have added the option of staking to Allnodes, so every PIVX owner can participate. :)