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Archived PIVX community Social Post Graphic Visuals Designing


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Hello Everyone,

FIRST things FIRST, BIG THANK U for that BIG Appreciation to my Posts and Designs so far.

I have been active recently on Twitter as I am posting Graphic Visual Designs and Posts regarding PIVX.
AND; The POSITIVE feedback I received from the COMMUNITY kept me asking for more TIPPING as I keep on POSTING.
So, I thought of creating a budget-proposal instead of asking for tipping.

The Proposal at a glance

--- TITLE :
PIVX community Social Post Graphic Visuals Designing.
--- NAME : Community Social GFX.
--- Term/Cycle : 1 cycle = 1 month.
--- Cycle Amount : 2200 PIV.
--- Author/Receiver : QTEZ.


The Proposal Details

  • Budget requested is 2200 PIV for 1 cycle; a CYCLE = 1 MONTH only. STARTING Feb 2023.
  • Each cycle will include creating posts and designs with graphics up to 10 posts-designs per Month or cycle.
  • I wish to add me as a PIVX Community Poster so I share & exchange IDEAS with the community.
  • Most creations will be according to the COMMUNITY Guidelines as more IDEAS from the COMMUNITY will enrich my vision and add up more variety to the next post design.
  • ALL designs are PHOTOSHOP only.

BEHANCE Profile : PIVX Social Post - Privacy Coin Cryptocurrency on Behance
Twitter Profile : qtez memes and memos (@qtez_memes) / Twitter
I also included some posts I created on twitter.


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Will you be willing to provide source files (*.psd) of your images too - so that they can be translated by others, or edited in the future?
Will you be willing to provide source files (*.psd) of your images too - so that they can be translated by others, or edited in the future?
SURE sir, I already have PSD files of the current designs. and I can share them with anyone within the supervision of the community as long as that helps in whatever manner.
I don't see this proposal in the core wallet UI. did you maybe submit it on a forked chain?
THIS CYCLE almost DONE and filled almost all requests.
Another PROPOSAL is in the works.
I had a great time creating and posting so far, and I wish I pass the next cycle too.
THANX 4 everyone who helped me out and still - No mention for PRIVACY - :)
Did you provide source files of each post so that they can be used by others in the future who may tweak them, or translate the text to another language?
Would also be great to see any stats/data you can present to let us know the 'reach' and engagement these images got. Thanks!