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PIVX Core Wallet 4.1.0 Release (May/7/2020)


PIVX Core version 4.1.0 is available from:

This new wallet includes major improvements in its performance and efficiency over previous releases, reducing its RAM usage by more than half, along with much faster blockchain sync and wallet startup times!

It also includes many GUI improvements to make it more intuitive with more functions, while also adding HD keys to ensure a more complete backup.

It is a non-mandatory update but is highly recommended due to many changes that benefit both the user and the blockchain network.

Please report bugs using the issue tracker at github: https://github.com/pivx-project/pivx/issues

Running 3.x or lower? >>> YOU MUST upgrade to 4.0.x as older 3.x wallets are not compatible with 4.x wallets and will not sync on the main chain.

Release Notes
Original: https://github.com/PIVX-Project/PIVX/releases/tag/v4.1.0

How to Upgrade
If you are running an older version, shut it down. Wait until it has completely shut down (which might take a few minutes for older versions), then run the installer (on Windows) or just copy over /Applications/PIVX-Qt (on Mac) or pivxd/pivx-qt (on Linux).

PIVX Core is extensively tested on multiple operating systems using the Linux kernel, macOS 10.10+, and Windows 7 and later.

Microsoft ended support for Windows XP on April 8th, 2014, No attempt is made to prevent installing or running the software on Windows XP, you can still do so at your own risk but be aware that there are known instabilities and issues. Please do not report issues about Windows XP to the issue tracker.

Apple released it's last Mountain Lion update August 13, 2015, and officially ended support on December 14, 2015. PIVX Core software starting with v3.2.0 will no longer run on MacOS versions prior to Yosemite (10.10). Please do not report issues about MacOS versions prior to Yosemite to the issue tracker.

PIVX Core should also work on most other Unix-like systems but is not frequently tested on them.

Notable Changes
Hierarchical Deterministic Wallet (HD Wallet)
Wallets under a tree derivation structure in which keypairs are generated deterministically from a single seed, which can be shared partially or entirely with different systems, each with or without the ability to spend coins, BIP32.

Enabling major improvements over the keystore management, the PIVX wallet doesn't require regular backups as before, keys are following a deterministic creation path that can be verified at any time (before HD Wallet, every keypair was randomly created and added to the keypool, forcing the user to backup the wallet every certain amount of time or could end up loosing coins forever if the latest wallet.dat was not being used).
As well as new possibilities like the account extended public key that enables deterministic public keys creation without the private keys requisite inside the wallet (A good use case could be online stores generating fresh addresses).

This work includes a customization/extension to the BIP44 standard. We have included an unique staking keys derivation path which introduced the deterministic generation/recovery of staking addresses.

An extended description of this large work can be found in the PR here.

HD Wallet FAQ
  • How do i upgrade to HD Wallet?
    1. A dialog will appear on every wallet startup notifying you that you are running a pre-HD wallet and letting you upgrade it from there.
    2. If you haven't upgraded your wallet, the topbar (bar with icons that appears at the top of your wallet) will have an "HD" icon. Click it and the upgrade dialog will be launched.
  • RPC:
    1. If your wallet is unlocked, use the -upgradewallet flag at startup and will automatically upgrade your wallet.
    2. If your wallet is encrypted, use the upgradewallet rpc command. It will upgrade your wallet to the latest wallet version.
  • How do i know if i'm already running an HD Wallet?
    1. GUI: Go to settings, press on the Debug option, then Information.
    2. RPC: call getwalletinfo, the walletversion field must be 169900 (HD Wallet Feature).
Boosted wallet performance
This release introduces a number of upgrades and improvements that greatly increase the wallet performance. RAM usage is reduced by ~64% and wallet's initial sync is ~42% faster.

Drop Windows 32-bit Binaries
We are no longer shipping pre-compiled 32-bit Windows binaries as the demand for such binaries has been observed to be non-existent. While it may still be possible to self-compile for 32-bit Windows (x86), no efforts henceforth will be made to maintain that compatibility.

Any users currently running a 32-bit Windows OS should seek to upgrade to a 64-bit Windows OS in order to continue using the Core wallet now and in the future.

Removal of Partially translated locales
From version 4.1.0 and onward, releases will no longer include any translation for languages that are not at least 80% translated.

MultiSend Disabled
The MultiSend wallet feature has been effectively disabled as it's flow is clunky, out of date, and in need of a full re-code and review.

This has no effect on user funds.

GUI Changes
Keyboard navigation
Dialogs can now be accepted with the ENTER (RETURN) key, and dismissed with the ESC key (#1392).

Address sorting
Address sorting in "My Addresses" / "Contacts" / "Cold Staking" can now be customized, setting it either by label (default), by address, or by creation date, ascending (default) or descending order.
Addresses in the dropdown of the "Send Transaction" and "Send Delegation" widgets are now automatically sorted by label with ascending order (#1393).

Custom Fee
The custom fee selected when sending a transaction is now saved in the wallet database and persisted across multiple sends and wallet's restarts (#1406). The fee is now also validated against the maximum value (10000 times minRelayTxFee) and minimum value (minTxFee) (#1576).

Include delegations in send
The send and cold-staking page present a checkbox to make the automatic input selection algorithm include delegated (P2CS) utxos if needed. The option is unchecked by default. (#1391)

Optional Hiding of Staking Charts
The staking charts can now be hidden at startup (with a flag --hidecharts) or at runtime with a checkbox in settings --> options --> display (#1475).

Context Lock/Unlock
Present the unlock dialog directly (instead of an error message), whenever an action on encrypted/locked wallet requires full unlock.

Restore the previous locking state ("locked" or "locked for staking only") when the action is completed. (#1387)

External Change Address Warning
A new warning/confirmation dialog is displayed if a custom change address is not part of the wallet. (#1527)

Cold Stake delegations marked in Coin Control
The Coin Control window now includes an icon next to the select checkbox when the UTXO is a Cold Stake delegation. This shares the space with the locked UTXO indicator icon, and locked UTXO's take priority in their icon display. (#1470)

Hide zPIV balance info as needed
When the wallet contains no zPIV, the zPIV balance details will be hidden, reducing visual clutter.

CSV Exporting
Transaction and address data can now be quickly exported to a CSV file from the Settings area of the GUI.

Transaction output format is comma separated with header row as follows:

"Confirmed","Date","Type","Label","Address","Amount (PIV)","ID"

Address output format is comma separated with header row as follows:


Functional Changes
zPIV Backup Removed
Automatic zPIV backup has been disabled. Thus, the following configuration options have been removed (either as entries in the pivx.conf file or as startup flags):

  • autozpivbackup
  • backupzpiv
  • zpivbackuppath
Stake-Split threshold
The stake split threshold is no longer required to be integer. It can be a fractional amount. A threshold value of 0 disables the stake-split functionality.

The default value for the stake-split threshold has been lowered from 2000 PIV, down to 500 PIV.

Changed command-line options
  • -debuglogfile=<file> can be used to specify an alternative debug logging file. This can be an absolute path or a path relative to the data directory
  • -debugexclude=<category> can be used to specify which debug categories to not log, useful when pairing with the -debug=<exclude> option.
  • The -reservebalance configuration/startup option has been removed (#1373).
The minimum required version of QT has been increased from 5.0 to 5.5.1 (the depends system provides 5.9.7)

RPC Changes
Modified input/output for existing commands
  • "CoinStake" JSON object in getblock output is removed, and replaced with the strings "stakeModifier" and "hashProofOfStake"
  • "obfcompat" JSON field in getmasternodecount output is removed as it is/was redundant with the enabled field.
  • "moneysupply" and "zpivSupply" attributes in getblock output are removed.
  • "isPublicSpend" boolean (optional) input parameter is removed from the following commands:
    • createrawzerocoinspend
    • spendzerocoin
    • spendzerocoinmints
    • spendrawzerocoin
  • These commands are now able to create only public spends (private spends were already enabled only on regtest).
  • "mintchange" and "minimizechange" boolean input parameters are removed from the following commands:
    • spendzerocoin
  • Mints are disabled, therefore it is no longer possible to mint the change of a zerocoin spend. The change is minimized by default.
  • setstakesplitthreshold now accepts decimal amounts. If the provided value is 0, split staking gets disabled. getstakesplitthreshold returns a double.
  • dumpwallet no longer allows overwriting files. This is a security measure
    as well as prevents dangerous user mistakes.
  • The output of getstakingstatus was reworked. It now shows the following information:
    "staking_status": true|false, (boolean) whether the wallet is staking or not
    "staking_enabled": true|false, (boolean) whether staking is enabled/disabled in pivx.conf
    "coldstaking_enabled": true|false, (boolean) whether cold-staking is enabled/disabled in pivx.conf
    "haveconnections": true|false, (boolean) whether network connections are present
    "mnsync": true|false, (boolean) whether masternode data is synced
    "walletunlocked": true|false, (boolean) whether the wallet is unlocked
    "stakeablecoins": n, (numeric) number of stakeable UTXOs
    "stakingbalance": d, (numeric) PIV value of the stakeable coins (minus reserve balance, if any)
    "stakesplitthreshold": d, (numeric) value of the current threshold for stake split
    "lastattempt_age": n, (numeric) seconds since last stake attempt
    "lastattempt_depth": n, (numeric) depth of the block on top of which the last stake attempt was made
    "lastattempt_hash": xxx, (hex string) hash of the block on top of which the last stake attempt was made
    "lastattempt_coins": n, (numeric) number of stakeable coins available during last stake attempt
    "lastattempt_tries": n, (numeric) number of stakeable coins checked during last stake attempt
Removed commands
The following commands have been removed from the RPC interface:
  • createrawzerocoinstake
  • getmintsinblocks
  • reservebalance
  • getpoolinfo
Newly introduced commands
The following new commands have been added to the RPC interface:

  • logging Gets and sets the logging configuration.
    When called without an argument, returns the list of categories that are currently being debug logged.

    When called with arguments, adds or removes categories from debug logging.

    E.g. logging "[\"all\"]" "[\"http\"]""
4.1.0 Change log
Detailed release notes follow. For convenience in locating the code changes and accompanying discussion, both the pull request and git merge commit are mentioned.

  • #1044 9d259c93c7 [Qt] Define QT_NO_KEYWORDS (Fuzzbawls)
  • #1047 ebe1fcbce4 [Qt] Add more information to settings info panel (Fuzzbawls)
  • #1049 521d13b6f0 [Qt] Switch to newer connect syntax (Fuzzbawls)
  • #1286 b0e43379ee [GUI] Set width and default minimum scrollbar height (Mrs-X)
  • #1289 4c39ad1ec6 [GUI] Windowtitle parameter fix (Mrs-X)
  • #1297 5e407c71cc [GUI] Restore address list when switching panes in CSwidget (random-zebra)
  • #1298 5dfad15c57 [Model][Performance] Unnecessary double cs_wallet and cs_main lock. (furszy)
  • #1301 af90f927a0 [ClientModel] Remove polling based chain height update entirely. (furszy)
  • #1306 65ba128634 [GUI] Hide privacy widget when the wallet has no zPIV balance (furszy)
  • #1316 bcb04a44a1 [Trivial] fix typo "recomended" in sendcustomfee dialog (random-zebra)
  • #1323 e2c07184f9 [Qt] Hide zPIV balances when they are zero (Fuzzbawls)
  • #1332 a5be177025 [GUI] Do not update the GUI so often when reindex/import is being executed. (furszy)
  • #1339 1716e6e835 [GUI] Tor topbar icon status. (furszy)
  • #1353 ff7b460ef4 [GUI] Export csv files. (furszy)
  • #1354 8c31fed2f5 [Trivial] Minor showed amount fix (NoobieDev12)
  • #1357 85497fed21 [Qt] Replace deprecated Qt methods (Fuzzbawls)
  • #1361 0a613c0a5e [GUI] Dashboard, include owner cold stakes in the chart (furszy)
  • #1377 5a600bab11 [Trivial] Fix typo in settingsbittoolwidget.cpp (RottenCoin)
  • #1385 be05f52000 [GUI] Don't change selected address after editing its label (random-zebra)
  • #1387 cc072687db [GUI] Add Unlock/Relock context flow (random-zebra)
  • #1388 c80688e02a [GUI] Customize the timeout of the SnackBar based on its message length (random-zebra)
  • #1389 f80888b770 [GUI] MasternodeWidget-Wizard bugfixes (random-zebra)
  • #1391 2bdc9f8689 [GUI] Spend cold-stake delegations (random-zebra)
  • #1392 da2f6e56f8 [GUI] Accept dialogs with ENTER (random-zebra)
  • #1393 541a688bee [GUI] Customizable sorting for address books (random-zebra)
  • #1396 b56172a01b [GUI] Topbar MNs sync phase status. (furszy)
  • #1400 f1206ed87d [Trivial] Rewording of Custom Fee dialog text (NoobieDev12)
  • #1402 023e7719f2 [GUI][Bug] Fix max decimals in sendcustomfeedialog (random-zebra)
  • #1403 de5fb73775 [GUI] SendWidget: automatically set focus on last recipient entry (random-zebra)
  • #1404 28bc0e3104 [GUI] SendMultiRow: clear address label when address is changed (random-zebra)
  • #1405 d8663a8410 [GUI] Upgrade to HD wallet functionality. (furszy)
  • #1406 ca26229afc [GUI] Save custom fee selected (random-zebra)
  • #1408 8bd8c2ca93 [GUI][Model] Save cache BlockIndex tip in the model (random-zebra)
  • #1413 4fdd3225b3 [GUI] Explicit cast from quint32 to bool in filterAcceptsRow (random-zebra)
  • #1423 ca48a453eb [GUI][Trivial] Fix button size in welcomecontentwidget (random-zebra)
  • #1424 592aa52fca [GUI] One-click export to file (random-zebra)
  • #1425 be6f1279b6 [Trivial][GUI] Add more room to contacts dropdown (random-zebra)
  • #1428 1ba03cc688 [GUI][Trivial] Emphasize warning better (NoobieDev12)
  • #1429 623821c799 [GUI] Dark theme (furszy)
  • #1430 1907a80938 [Trivial][GUI] Fix capsLabel color (make it text-warning) (random-zebra)
  • #1431 01651b6c63 [GUI] Automatic wallet backup after upgrade to HD (random-zebra)
  • #1436 98e6867e0c [Trivial] Rewording of remote masternode data export notification (NoobieDev12)
  • #1443 0b0c8267a6 [GUI] Removing unused DenomGenerationDialog. (furszy)
  • #1447 ec666ec8d8 [GUI] Add address-label to sendconfirm-popup (random-zebra)
  • #1454 110aa9c83d [GUI] Settings widget (furszy)
  • #1464 0bbf18ee1a [GUI][Model] Fix staking address validation (random-zebra)
  • #1468 8860401a75 [GUI] Less GUI locks (furszy)
  • #1469 7521d6d193 [GUI][Cleanup] Coin Control Cleanup (random-zebra)
  • #1470 02ede334f2 [GUI] Mark delegated UTXOs in CoinControl (random-zebra)
  • #1473 ca7f351350 [GUI] Hide charts container when not USE_QTCHARTS (random-zebra)
  • #1475 3dddd25def [GUI] Hide charts at startup or at runtime (random-zebra)
  • #1477 6879786153 [GUI][Trivial] ColdStakingWidget: fix containerSend margins (random-zebra)
  • #1479 c9c618e365 [BUG][GUI] Fix MasternodeWidget StartAll (furszy)
  • #1481 8e9214014b [GUI][BugFix] Tor topbar button text. (furszy)
  • #1487 ac7a5b302f [GUI] ClientModel cacheTip sync with back-end. (furszy)
  • #1489 e4d6c26f61 [GUI] Add missing error notification in encrypt wallet. (furszy)
  • #1494 3ea8c577d4 [Qt] Convert leftover connects to Qt5 syntax (Fuzzbawls)
  • #1499 5e6c05305e [GUI] Settings console (furszy)
  • #1501 417e8cb73c [GUI] Update MNs count every 40 seconds. (furszy)
  • #1503 66f523d46f [GUI] Fix cold staking owner dropdown position. (furszy)
  • #1508 104db7d7f3 [BUG] Prevent StartAll from starting mns with immature collateral (random-zebra)
  • #1509 13c4302087 [GUI] Correct the reference to ColdStakingWidget address (PWRB-Project)
  • #1510 5a4b0f9a70 [GUI] Fix text cut-off in sendchangeaddressdialog (JSKitty)
  • #1515 24bc866346 [GUI] Back port latest MacOS dock icon handler. (furszy)
  • #1522 ab353d9848 [Qt] Fixup filter dropdown localizations (Fuzzbawls)
  • #1523 e92c8ed86a [Trivial] [GUI] Fix masternodeswidget snackbar typos (JSKitty)
  • #1527 6e1745be85 [GUI] Warn about change address not belonging to the wallet. (furszy)
  • #1529 f05a451021 [Trivial] Fix compiler warning in mousePressEvent. (furszy)
  • #1530 b7c0c0e31d [GUI] Don't log to console by default. (furszy)
  • #1535 7d25604239 [Qt] Don't translate dummy strings in mnrow (Fuzzbawls)
  • #1543 440c8f514b [GUI][Bug] CoinControl: mark delegated after setting checked state (random-zebra)
  • #1545 7fdf25b4f7 [GUI] MasternodeWizard validations (random-zebra)
  • #1551 8b25a1eaf5 [GUI][Bug] Reset custom change address (random-zebra)
  • #1556 5ba10f0d58 [GUI] CoinControlDialog remove duplicate esc button (furszy)
  • #1574 18bce1bfaf [Bug][GUI] SendCustomFee: reset checkbox on clearAll (random-zebra)
  • #1576 e99a18e410 [GUI] SendCustomFeeDialog: prevent user from saving insane fees (random-zebra)
  • #1577 2205e3d302 [RPC][GUI][Bug] Disable/Hide multisend (random-zebra)
  • #1578 c064baaf6e [GUI][Bug] Fix transaction details output-index (random-zebra)
  • #1581 55c9236429 [GUI] Do not create new SettingsMultisendWidget (furszy)
  • #1588 7694d5fc6d [GUI][Bug] Fix editing of CS address labels (Fuzzbawls)
  • #1589 7694d5fc6d [GUI][Bug] Don't clear address label during send address validation (Fuzzbawls)
  • #1590 1fc629be86 [GUI] Update translations from Transifex for 4.1 (Fuzzbawls)
  • #1594 e001ddf106 [GUI][Bug] Reconnect CS owner address edit-label action (Fuzzbawls)
  • #1595 7779ab1194 [GUI][Bug] Fix "Select all" / "Unselect all" logic in coincontrol (random-zebra)
  • #1599 72595d7692 [GUI][Bug] Fix language selection invalidly stored (furszy)
RPC Interface
  • #1299 523db49f49 [Trivial][Regtest][RPC] generate call failing properly when the wallet is locked (furszy)
  • #1321 d382a249be [RPC][Tests] Don't throw when generate doesn't create all blocks (PoS) (random-zebra)
  • #1343 735d8ddb4d [Bug] nStakeSplitThreshold: division by zero (random-zebra)
  • #1368 d610d013dd [RPC] Expand getstakingstatus output (random-zebra)
  • #1381 88256004a3 [RPC][Bug] Fix masternodecurrent: return next winner, not rank-1 mn (random-zebra)
  • #1399 eb8cb624f9 [RPC] Upgrade to HD wallet. (furszy)
  • #1451 1fa5156a97 [RPC] Add logging RPC (random-zebra)
  • #1497 fd77102258 [Trivial][RPC] Remove references to old command list-conf (random-zebra)
  • #1277 d870d5c003 [Wallet] Refactor MintableCoins (random-zebra)
  • #1300 0e3644d531 [Wallet] Add function CMerkleTx::IsInMainChainImmature (random-zebra)
  • #1327 d58fd6fee1 [Wallet] HD Wallet - v2. (furszy)
  • #1345 abdc0e762e [Wallet][RPC][GUI] nStakeSplitThreshold as CAmount (random-zebra)
  • #1356 d6298c5fa0 [Wallet][GUI] Set default stake-split threshold to 500 (random-zebra)
  • #1369 bb9b762bb1 [Wallet] Fix staking balance calculation (random-zebra)
  • #1373 5d004d514c [Wallet] Remove reserve balance (random-zebra)
  • #1382 df2db0d5c6 [Wallet] Don't initialize zpivwallet on first run (Fuzzbawls)
  • #1401 e1585f7609 [Wallet][Bug] Fix ScriptPubKeyMan::CanGetAddresses (random-zebra)
  • #1411 3c34c34fd1 [Wallet][Bug] Fix ScriptPubKeyMan::CanGenerateKeys (random-zebra)
  • #1458 8d8050fa6d [Wallet][Bug] Fix min depth requirement for stake inputs in AvailableCoins (random-zebra)
  • #1474 840821321c [Wallet] Fix wrong Lock/Unlock zWallet method call. (furszy)
  • #1485 d43d5fa1f6 [Wallet] Fix BIP38 import crashing on empty DecKey (JSKitty)
  • #1495 caa91b08fd [Wallet] Clean wrong pwalletMain inside wallet class. (furszy)
  • #1498 ebfa5979a6 [Wallet] Initialize zwalletMain to prevent memory access violations. (furszy)
  • #1520 b92584a482 [Wallet] remove unused code, remove cs_main lock requirement (furszy)
  • #1537 dabb5168f1 [Wallet] Cleanup invalid IsMasternodeReward method in OutPoint primitive. (furszy)
  • #1565 7fb724ffe4 [Bug] Simpler nTimeSmart computation (random-zebra)
  • #1575 f16125b83d [Bug][Wallet] Fix insane fees (random-zebra)
Core Systems
  • #1249 fbcc5305d6 [Script] Optimize and Cleanup CScript::FindAndDelete (Akshay)
  • #1259 cf1bab30d5 [Core] Remove StakeV1 (random-zebra)
  • #1302 e9ceb6daf9 [Refactor] Move CBlockFileInfo and CValidationState out of main (Fuzzbawls)
  • #1308 ca912fc823 [zPIV] Public coin, a super for-each removed (furszy)
  • #1319 fc6d9514f4 [Refactor] Move CDiskTxPos/CBlockUndo to txdb.h/undo.h respectively (barrystyle)
  • #1320 563d5c2515 [Refactor] Move transaction checks out to consensus/tx_verify.cpp (barrystyle)
  • #1325 91566195ee Add WITH_LOCK macro: run code while locking a mutex. (furszy)
  • #1328 6143e95f98 [Refactor] Introduce Consensus namespace (barrystyle)
  • #1331 484a98673f [Core] CheckColdStakeFreeOutput: skip SPORK checks if mnsync incomplete (random-zebra)
  • #1333 6bb09adfbb [Backport] Wait locking for genesis connection. (furszy)
  • #1335 535baaacd7 Inlining sync.cpp with latest upstream (furszy)
  • #1336 f30074a123 Sync Upgrades, part 2 (furszy)
  • #1337 c5fc9cc7a3 Sync upgrade, part 3 (furszy)
  • #1338 d00ac8c3d2 [Core] CBlockIndex cleanup - Bump client version to (random-zebra)
  • #1341 c992fc1523 [Refactor] ChainParams::consensus - Part 1 (random-zebra)
  • #1342 dc530c072f [Refactor] Move zerocoin checks out of main (Fuzzbawls)
  • #1344 e4041b1631 [Refactor] ChainParams::consensus - Part 2 (random-zebra)
  • #1359 9869a384e2 [Chain][Bug] Fix mapZerocoinSupply recalculation (random-zebra)
  • #1364 f4339f4621 [Refactor][PoS] Kernel Refactoring (random-zebra)
  • #1375 41aae2d589 [Init] Do parameter interaction before creating the UI model (Jonas Schnelli)
  • #1376 ac4ab94dd8 [Init] Combine common error strings so translations can be shared (Luke Dashjr)
  • #1395 b3fcbea5b1 Replace uint256/uint160 with opaque blobs where possible (First) (furszy)
  • #1407 678d3ed933 [Consensus] CheckColdStakeFreeOutput when mnsync not complete (random-zebra)
  • #1409 8c112d3ac0 [MN] Refactor to the mapMasternodesLastVote map. (furszy)
  • #1418 87e3dcddef [Consensus] Remove IsSuperMajority (random-zebra)
  • #1445 9896879fff [Refactor] Init wallet parameters interaction (furszy)
  • #1450 cb6d15a6ac [Util] Buffer log messages and explicitly open logs (random-zebra)
  • #1457 841f702d13 [Bug] Fix g_best_block initialization in ABC (random-zebra)
  • #1465 1c5d9c641e [Bug] Fix height_start_StakeModifierV3 (Stamek)
  • #1502 0c8950a8ec [Core] Reduce CBlockIndex RAM usage (random-zebra)
  • #1504 4689f7e9a6 [BUG] Fix ambiguous call to distance in ParseAccChecksum (random-zebra)
  • #1517 c4834eb1b6 [Shutdown] remove PID file at the very end. (furszy)
P2P Protocol and Network Code
  • #1307 31a56e9cf9 [Net] Do not launch the clock warning dialog like crazy. (furszy)
  • #1360 aee230135f [Net] Split DNS resolving functionality out of net structures (Cory Fields)
  • #1363 7c78ece64d [Net] Banlist updates (Philip Kaufmann)
  • #1367 82b4147a30 [Net] Max block locator entries size. (furszy)
  • #1372 59fdfee134 [P2P] Remove p2p alert system (random-zebra)
  • #1378 2055163092 [Net] Fix de-serialization bug where AddrMan is corrupted after exception (Fuzzbawls)
  • #1452 a86ee0f271 [Net] Add support for dnsseeds with option to filter by servicebits (Jonas Schnelli)
  • #1453 195d46690c [Net] Addrman offline attempts (Gregory Maxwell)
  • #1460 18fa545831 [Net] Do not print an error on connection timeouts through proxy (furszy)
  • #1463 976f46d6e1 [Net] Protocol update enforcement for 70919 (random-zebra)
  • #1484 0a4072e4fc [Net] Fix resource leak in ReadBinaryFile (practicalswift)
  • #1492 86ecb08159 [Net] Relay actual peers instead of localhost on getaddr (akshaynexus)
  • #1538 38f848ecb1 [P2P] Update hard coded seed nodes (Fuzzbawls)
  • #1591 8a96306de6 [P2P] Removing dead seeder (furszy)
Build Systems
  • #1256 05bd016774 [Build][Scripts] Update translation flow (Fuzzbawls)
  • #1324 586a051c7f [Build] Remove Windows 32 bit build. (furszy)
  • #1351 5ad9c81acc [Build] Bump minimum required Qt version to 5.5.1 (Fuzzbawls)
  • #1358 1517dbe271 [Build] Cleanup Qt m4 file (Fuzzbawls)
  • #1390 d84d6bea2e [Build] Add flag for enabling thread_local (Fuzzbawls)
  • #1435 79c539acf7 [Travis][Build] Restore macOS Travis tests (Fuzzbawls)
  • #1448 ab0be2f1e4 [CMake] Fix missing file error (Fuzzbawls)
  • #1483 f79a7026d0 [Depends] Update OpenSSL download URL (Fuzzbawls)
  • #1493 5df2b6767b [Depends] Include qt-gif plugin. (furszy)
  • #1536 be79988a8f [Build] Disable apt-cacher for Windows WSL gitian setup (Fuzzbawls)
Testing Systems
  • #1278 805800164e [Tests][Bug] Fix staking status in generate_pos() (random-zebra)
  • #1295 e7cd10434f [Tests] Set '-staking' disabled by default on RegTest (random-zebra)
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  • #1410 0b5fef0376 [Tests] Run tests on pre-HD wallets (random-zebra)
  • #1434 c2ddd267f5 [QA] Continuous Testing Environment for legacy pre-HD wallets (random-zebra)
  • #1442 a5288eca97 [Tests] Remove non-determinism which is breaking net_tests (random-zebra)
  • #1446 2f9bfc84b0 [Test] Wallet testing setup. (furszy)
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  • #1550 f246e104e5 [QA] Avoid printing to console during cache creation (random-zebra)
  • #1580 3d36502c3a [QA][Bug] Shorter wallet_basic.py functional test (random-zebra)
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  • #1438 37d53b777c [Trivial] Remove spammy log in CheckSignature (random-zebra)
  • #1439 eb1ed66c2e [Core] Add -debugexclude option (random-zebra)
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  • #1281 a293072cdb [Trivial][Cleanup] Remove extra checks before GetBlocksToMaturity (random-zebra)
  • #1282 76f29fccf3 [Trivial][Cleanup] Add IsRegTestNet() function in chainparams (random-zebra)
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  • #1293 28e0048b3e [zPIV][Cleanup] Zerocoin Cleanup 3: remove old ZK proofs (random-zebra)
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  • #1573 f973fb6fd6 [Doc] Note that v3 onion addresses are not supported (Fuzzbawls)
Scripts and Tools
  • #1433 f5f6c3cd92 [Scripts] Only fetch translations for high-completion locals (Fuzzbawls)
  • #1583 7fdf29f816 Update copyright headers for files changed in 2020 (Fuzzbawls)
Realized I still had some PIVX in an old PIVX core wallet version 2.2.1.... How do I migrate to latest version without losing my pivx?
Realized I still had some PIVX in an old PIVX core wallet version 2.2.1.... How do I migrate to latest version without losing my pivx?
Best way is to install and setup a brand new 4.1.1 wallet, sync from scratch, then once synced up, close it, replace the empty wallet.dat with your old wallet.dat file (always keep another copy as backup), then re-launch the 4.1.1 wallet.

If all else fails, please ask for assistance in our PIVX discord #support channel. https://discord.pivx.org/
Hi there,

I installed v4.3.0 but that wallet doesn't show the zPiv balance. Where can I download the older version of the PIVX wallet to transfer zPiv out?

Thank you.