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PIVX Fork Federation – Pre proposal discussion



PIVX FORK Federation, is a Subscription service for PIVX forks to help improve the overall codebase plus promote and strengthen each individual Fork.
‘Forks will not get support from core devs under this programme’
The main driving factor behind this initiative is the thinking that nurturing PIVX forks could have the same positive impact on PIVX growth that Bitcoin forks had on the development of Bitcoin and the surrounding economy.
These are the core deliverables of the federation:
  • Support Fork development + Project growth
    • Group rates and support for exchange integration *
    • Support with addition to Godot powered games *
    • Discounted rates on Mobile application development *
    • Support with Litewallet creation
    • Aid with getting onto podcasts and articles into publications*
    • Discounted rates on Governance portal Development (pivx Central + tango)
*** = Yet to be negotiated**
  • Improve PIVX Codebase.
    • Improvements to the Core PIVX codebase will filter down to all forks regardless of membership to PFF
    • Devs and projects will be incentivised to make improvements by bounties and awards, publicly announced by PIVX core (if proposal passes).
    • Developer of the Month award, for the best Code commit (promoted by PIVX core)
    • Project of the month award for various reasons (pushed by PIVX core)
    • Lower vulnerabilities and discover code efficiencies.
  • Make codebase more accessible
    • Increase and review documentation surrounding codebase. Add translations for Key languages (russian, Korean, Chinese and Spanish)
    • Integrate with specific Developer focused discord to aid developers
    • Provide member driven support for issues discovered
I’m hoping to have a special space for all of these devs to meet and support each other away from the main PIVX discord, however if these negotiations are unfruitful then I’ll attempt to have a section of the main PIVX discord where only developers can access. I feel this fosters high quality interaction and progress.
PFF fee structure
Each Project that joins the PFF will be asked to pay a fee, this will be either 1% of their budget or $100 USD per month (payable in PIVX only), whichever is higher. This does mean that larger projects will have to pay more, this is offset by the reality that larger projects will attract more attention and thus need more support. This also is a fair fee structure as it means almost ALL forks can participate.
ALL project fees will go directly to the PFF treasury, which will be a publicly visible multisig PIVX address, These fees will be spent on PIVX core donations, supporting certain aspects of code development such as bug bounties. Help with negotiating fees for PIVX forks on certain exchanges. Small transparent wage for Core staff.
Exact fee structure to be confirmed
Possible blockchain structure
It is possible for the PFF to be a PIVX fork within itself, with the built in governance of masternodes it could be a concept case for Blockchain as Pseudo-Equity (BPE)
BPE is not actually a security for 2 main reasons,
1: To be considered a security, income would have to be garnered for doing nothing except owning shares (tokens/coins), however within this blockchain based model all staked coins would be responsible directly for securing the blockchain and thus providing a vital service for which they are paid.
2: masternodes cannot be considered security also because they provide a service in securing transactions as well as providing privacy where desired by users, be aware that this privacy should not be used to avoid taxes or any other law enforcement tracking.
Each project funded by the PFF will be subject to a legal contract in which the project custodians will agree to buy PFF tokens with their profits and provably send them to a publicly known burn address thus providing upwards price pressure and raising the value of each individual token without paying token holders directly which would make them a security.
Masternode votes will decide which projects get funded, and the budget may be higher than the 10% of block reward arbitrarily chosen by DASH, something closer to 40% would be better.
Masternode operators would also benefit from having access to revenues from decentralised exchange (Pdex) and other governance costs.
Budget 40%
Private staking : 30%
Masternodes : 20%
Public staking / Cold staking : 10%
Transaction fees will also be burned.
Thankyou for your time reading this, please let me know of your thoughts in the comments section below.
Forks that are interested could also leave their contact details in the comment section below or, message me directly in the PIVX discord.
I would likely be seeking 1-2k PIV to get this initiative off the ground, but I expect it to return far more in value to PIVX over time.
All feedback is welcome