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Archived PIVX Graphic Designer - UI/UX, social media visuals (Jan-Feb 2023)


Hi all,
As some of you may already know, I have been working with the PIVX core team to produce the graphics needed for social media marketing and other projects (please see the screens attached).

My experience: some of my design portfolio can be seen at https://behance.net/shornkeld and from there you will see that my design background is in web, UI/UX, social- and digital-design. As well as previously working as a lead designer, I have also worked in Project and DesignOps Management roles, and Product Coordination/Management, having lead design and marketing teams for crypto, blockchain and ‘traditional’ companies and projects.

Some of my recent work for PIVX:
This proposal is to continue my contributions for any design-related duties that are needed for the social media team up to a maximum of 20hrs for this period.
Any hours required over this will be added to a future proposal, and any hours not used will be rolled-over to the next period.


Amount requested: 3800 PIVX / cycle

To vote yes:
“mnbudgetvote many d869c90212445e0f9b10fee6bf28fd529f201d2b174e45778eb64a9fe39fa5c0 yes”
To vote no:
“mnbudgetvote many d869c90212445e0f9b10fee6bf28fd529f201d2b174e45778eb64a9fe39fa5c0 no”

Previous design proposal: https://forum.pivx.org/threads/pivx-graphic-designer-ui-ux-social-media-and-marketing-visuals.1217/


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