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Name: PIVXLabs Sep-Nov21

Term: 3 Cycles

Cycle Amnt: 1500 PIV

Total Amnt: 4500 PIV

Authors: JSKitty, SnappySnap

Receiver: PIVX Labs

Address: DLabsktzGMnsK5K9uRTMCF6NoYNY6ET4Bb

Created: 2021-08-30

Status: Pre-Proposal

Vote Hash: ~


This document outlines the funding for PIVX Labs, which to this point has been a 100% community volunteer consortia of individuals building various tech, features, and engagements outside the scope of the core PIVX wallet.

We are individuals who have given our time and energy to develop third party applications for, marketing for, and integrations for PIVX.

Our intention is to begin to formalize the PIVX Labs environment more, being able to cover some basic costs, and begin to build out parallel marketing and awareness strategies for various PIVX Labs products. The flagship product being mypivxwallet.org, which we feel can lead for adoption in many areas with lower access to technology and hardware, allowing for individuals with flip phones to participate in the PIVX network, earn rewards, AND (soon) privately exchange for BTC as may be needed.

Previously Delivered Projects

To date, PIVX Labs members have created such features as the PIVX tipbot, PIVX radio, PIVX tango voting, MyPIVXWallet, and most recently, the PIVX Transaction Visualizer.

Current on-going projects:

  • My PIVX Wallet (MPW) - The wallet of the future - Receive, Send, Stake and Exchange using a completely decentralized, open-source, battle-hardened PIVX wallet.

  • PIVX BitListen (Name TBD!) - Listen to the heartbeat of the PIVX network: Blocks and Mempool Transactions each have a unique sound based on their traits (size, freq., amount).

Communal Governance

PIVX Labs places utmost importance on the community sentiment for PIVX's development direction, and as such, PIVX Labs will host it's own governance methods for all members of the PIVX community, wherein members may vote additional importance for an existing PIVX Labs project that interests them, or suggest new projects entirely, or vote on implementing (or refining) existing features within a specific PIVX Labs project.

PIVX Labs will maintain and develop projects outside of this scope, however, the focus of the team will remain in the community's hands, and funding will be appropriately directed towards community-led endeavors.

Term and Format Commitment

The intention is to begin ongoing 3 month sprints of development and marketing.

The first 3 months (covered by this proposal) will be used to engage in the following:

  1. Developing the PIVXLabs.org website.
  2. Finalizing the private PIVX/BTC swaps through mypivxwallet.org.
  3. Implement Cold Staking into mypivxwallet.org.
  4. Engaging a creative to prepare tutorial videos of mypivxwallet.org.
  5. Compiling FAQ & necessary documentation of mypivxwallet.org to prepare for broader promotion online.
  6. Refine the PIVX Transaction Visualizer.

This 3 month sprint allows for a more fluid evaluation of fund usage (outflows, requirements).

The format for these proposals will be as follows:

  • Each member of the PIVX Labs team will be listed.
  • Their roles and responsibilities will be listed.
  • Any member notes, changes, exceptions will be listed.
  • Extra funds (if any) will be rationalized.
PIVX Labs members will not be reporting hours worked, and task specifics will NOT be required in monthly reports so as to not burden the volunteers with unnecessary busywork. However, macro-level reporting of:
  • Funds Available.
  • Funds Used, and the reasoning behind the usage.
  • Initiatives Started (if allowable, as some may require elements or privacy until their release. In these cases, the PIVX Labs team will provide a high level redacted summary of any of these initiatives)
  • Light progress summaries of on-going project developments as-and-when time is available to do so: examples of prior progress reports.


All PIVX Labs Team members are to participate in the general work of building PIVX Labs and products, as well as participate in internal team meetings with reliable frequency.

The following initiatives may fall under the care and responsibility of PIVX Labs:

Designated 3rd party tech features (wallets, etc)
PIVX Labs Website maintenance
Marketing boosting (by providing products/services for general marketing)
Partnerships / Alliances (integrations of PIVX Labs products)

JSKitty will assume point of contact for development/developers in the PIVX Labs ecosystem.

PIVXLabs Allotments

The PIVX Labs Team is receiving the following their work from the DAO’s budget:
  • SnappySnap - General Support, marketing, networking (0 PIV)
  • JSKitty - Lead Developer (0 PIV)
This leaves 1.5k per month of discretionary PIV available for contract work as needed, or to engage other developers as needed for the advancement of the PIVX Labs ecosystem and products.

Total Per Cycle: 1500 PIV

Donations and Receiving of Additional Funds

Any funds received by the proposal payout address from any source other than the PIVX network’s in-built budget distribution system will be considered as donations to be stewarded in the same fashion as explained above.

For complete transparency, a receiving address for donations is the same as the proposal’s receiving address, and it is the following address: DLabsktzGMnsK5K9uRTMCF6NoYNY6ET4Bb

IMPORTANT NOTE: We DO encourage the PIVX community to additionally donate to this Fund even if it gets funded from the PIVX budget. Be assured that every single additional PIV donated to this fund will be used in the best possible way to increase the use, adoption, and accessibility PIVX - which will correlate into price action.

Funds are being received to the active staking wallet, in order to increase the PIVX Labs funds further while funds are waiting for deployment.

The PIVX Labs team reserves the right to decide for ourselves the area(s) of focus that may or may not be added due to an increase in funds received, as well as the priority of any such added areas of focus.

* The budget submission fee is not included within the proposal, and will be absorbed by PIVX Labs even if the proposal passes.


To vote yes:

mnbudgetvote many yes

To vote no:

mnbudgetvote many no
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I first read ROGANIZE as ROGAINE-IZE and thought @Snappy was referring to his hair care. (So THAT'S the secret!)

Love to see this proposal succeed. Joe Rogan or not.