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Archived PIVX Official Social Media Lead and Community Builder.


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Title: PIVX official Social Media lead, Community Builder.
Name: Ofcl-SocialAug2022
Term: 1 cycle
Cycle Amount: 8805
Total Amount: 8805
Author: @LeacyMcK
Receiver: @LeacyMcK
Address: DJZxjRZT8PKJJ4wdBy37PkQdfCPwLypM5p
Created: August 9th, 2022
Status: Active


Over the last 2+ years, my roles with PIVX have expanded and grown into more than managing PIVX's official Twitter, PIVXcommunity and Instagram as seen here in my October 2020 proposal as well as being social media team lead.

I stepped up and took on more roles that others had stepped away from while continuing to run the above accounts. These past 2 years I worked 40-50 hrs a week of which I was privately funded for 20 hours, while gladly donating the remaining 20-30 hours a week to PIVX.

During this time I created content and wrote copy for most of PIVX’s social media accounts. I kept watching over the analytic metrics, at times changing dates and even ideas of the posts/tweets to better reflect a more positive outcome in the viewers' eyes. Below are a few of the graphics I thought of. I took these ideas and at times crude sketches to Meerkat (and later Hawtchkiss) who created amazing visuals.


Examples of copy and content are shown below in tweets:

The following tweet/post had one of the highest analytic metrics in the past few years for PIVX.

- https://twitter.com/PIVXcommunity/status/1404789334763524102?s=20&t=4uIqyvp-T2Urn62SuY4qmw

I took advantage of trending topics and with the graphic designer's help, made tweets/posts to include PIVX into them.

- https://twitter.com/_PIVX/status/1445729994320326657?s=20&t=XhfliWnR9odZmFx74LpLWA

At times we just had fun with amazing results.

- https://twitter.com/_PIVX/status/1487417185165357062?s=20&t=XhfliWnR9odZmFx74LpLWA

During this time I worked with community writers, graphic designers, community members and fellow core team members, along with representatives from other projects in making sure we had a consistent social media presence, and that any events they were having were promoted. Learning along the way I have grown more confident and as such, this past year I have been able to step into roles like taking lead in getting $PIVX's RSS feed integrated with Crypto.com's price page and with NFT World News, they authored a well-written, accurate article about PIVX from the information I gave them which gave a new audience an introduction to PIVX.

Present and Future:

-I will continue my work as outlined above, including completing the Marketing Digital course I am taking to strengthen my skills.
-Ongoing work will continue with amazing projects such as MPW @JSKitty, zkbitcoin.com @zkbitcoin and others to support their growth in the community and globally.
-Working with a couple of the core team and with shopping.io as we discuss a possible venture with PIVX. (Added a channel in the community Discord allowing all members to learn more about them.)
-The success of @ONeZetty's micro business proposal passing, PIVX’s ambassadorship starting again, and planned community events there will be a lot of planning to promote
-Planning ahead for PIVX’s v5.5.0 release and $PIVX’s treasury restructuring will help give us all enough time to make this one of our best launches yet.
-I will be restarting the successful Meet the PIVXcommunity series in September, spending August reaching out to new and old members previously missed.
-Continue to reach out to all exchanges in giving them advanced notice about v5.5.0’s release so that the network changes needed will be done as soon as possible after launch.
-Continue to be present and supportive while encouraging community members to reach out with their own ideas in support of PIVX.
-Continue to support social team managers and members as they grow their PIVX social media accounts. eg. TikTok with BBauman as lead.

Below please find a graphic I created on how our PIVX DAO roles intermingle with each other.


Conclusion; Expenses:

I feel very fortunate in that I love what I do, especially working alongside the community in growing PIVX.
My prior private funding has come to an end and as I need to make some income for living expenses I am asking for $2000 CAD (approx. $1552.90 USD or 8,805 PIV.) for this cycle. (Please note amount requested was set to the price of PIV at the time of submitting.) This will enable me to continue to work for PIVX and be paid for the 20 hours/week, which then allows me the freedom of donating an additional 20/30 hours/week of my time to PIVX.

Please note I am not asking for additional PIV for the contests or community support rewards at this time as I will be able to once again donate toward these out of my own pocket. I am choosing to submit my proposal one cycle at a time due to the fluctuations of $ of PIV thus making sure the fee I ask for is accurate.

Thank you for taking the time to read my proposal.
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Thank you to all who voted for my proposal, means the world to me. If you have questions this cycle about anything I am doing or if you have ideas for social media content, please don't hesitate to reach out to me here or in Discord. 💜
Screenshot 2022-09-06 at 1.55.42 PM.png

Contests may not always have a lot of engagement but they have proven very successful in bringing people to PIVX that stick around. Sigge is one awesome example. With every contest, we get one more believer that then goes out of their way to help promote PIVX on Twitter regularly and has been for months if not years. Contest payouts come from my own pocket again. :)
This cycle so far:
- Ongoing replying to messages, PIVX official emails, cleaning up spam that gets through many filters I have set up in all social media accounts I run.
-Sent emails to all exchanges etc that will be affected by PIVX's upcoming v5.5.0 upgrade to let them know in advance, and will again closer to the date. Also, I have updated the exchange and listing services document. (To the ones that don't understand where my time goes, this update of the list, and emailing exchanges has taken 18 hours so far.)
- Daily Social media tweets and posts. Creating content for them while also promoting a couple of new series to encourage growth. eg. Got Skills? Are you a Dev App? ...
- Continuously keeping watch over all social media tweets/posts to monitor metrics of how well they are doing by gauging the engagement, impressions etc. of which then helps guide me to make the changes needed to improve on them.
-Setting up a time to chat with Nix, the lead for the Ambassador program to discuss how we will promote it and support him in this exciting endeavour of the renewal of the program.
-Getting the social team ready when we need to push promotions on a daily basis. Continuously looking to grow the social team by seeing supportive followers of our social media accounts. It takes time to build relationships with these active followers.
-Being a support system for new members who wish to help.
-Working on new content.
- I reach out to podcast hosts, article authors, and other like-minded projects in an attempt to get interviews, and stories written for PIVX and/or partnership/shared events a few times a month..
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