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Name: Ofcl-SocialOct2022
Term: 1 cycle
Cycle Amount: 5442
Total Amount: 5442
Author: @LeacyMcK
Receiver: @LeacyMcK
Address: DQ5SxkNxcafUdcpyLHRijWeA8VkdRBcaTb
Created: October 5th, 2022
Status: Active

This is a continuation of my original proposal, please see the link below. I have chosen to submit my proposals per cycle due to the fluctuations in the price of PIV.
With every proposal submitted, an update will be written under each cycle's proposal so that Masternode Holders and the community are aware of what I am doing.
I am continuing to volunteer 20-30 hours/per week.

I am unable to show the analytics of the social media accounts I run due to privacy reasons but in the last 2 months they have all been in the green, showing that more tweets/posts are being promoted, new steady followers and more engagement. Not to mention awesome graphics; many thanks to Shorn for this promotion of Hans Koning joining PIVX, and to Eric for getting other graphics commissioned via fiver.

Examples of social media tweets:

Link to some work from the prior cycle.

Thank you to all for your ongoing support. Please don't hesitate to leave questions or comments below.
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Can we get the posts per month on each social plus the reach of them please.

Which socials are included, how many posts on each platform etc.
Can we get the posts per month on each social plus the reach of them please.

Which socials are included, how many posts on each platform etc.
I'd love to but unfortunately, as I wrote above in the proposal, I am not able to due to privacy reasons. You see, PIVX was attacked on Twitter by someone that stated they only had the best interest of PIVX in mind. Which wasn't true and PIVX then lost their chance at getting authenticated on Twitter. With this attack and other events, I can't in good conscience give this information out to someone I do not know. eg. Friend or Foe? Masternode owner or troll? The analytics are shown to the core and admin team each cycle, members that have been around for years and have proven they can be trusted. I am not sure why you want to know the reach as that is usually only important to someone with a marketing background. Do you have a background in it?

I suggest you go through PIVX, and PIVXcommunity Tweets and count each month's tweets. That will give you a factual number. Also, look at engagement. Early in the year, there was a graphic I had made that lists all the social accounts PIVX has on it, it has been retweeted more than once and promoted on all accounts, so it should be easy to find.

I take my roles within PIVX seriously. This past cycle I have spent too many of the hours that I get paid for, having to deal with trolls and angry coin grabbers, along with the repercussions from the 3 coinkit attacks on Twitter. Please see my last proposal to learn more about that. So you will understand the need to be very careful in not divulging too much information to just anyone.
Follow up on October's proposal:
-Ongoing monthly work includes:
-Replying to messages on social media, [email protected] and [email protected], and networking if needed.
-Engaging with like-minded individuals on social media (followers) who show a keen interest in PIVX. After a period of time, I encourage them to join Discord and become part of the social team. These individuals are mentored and supported while they grow within the PIVX ecosystem and often take on other roles with PIVX and/or JFDI their ideas into a successful proposal.
-Posting to the official PIVX social media accts.
-Creating content for PIVXcommunity and PIVX official Twitter. (At times this can be done easily, at other times great thought and time are invested.)
-Working with @shorn (graphic designer) as he creates graphics for PIVX's events and promotions.
-Working with PIVX's global social team and social managers. Giving them notice about tweets/posts so that we have greater support when we promote.
-Designating badges to members.
-Updating roles in Discord and on PIVX.org so that we know who is active and who isn't, which helps a lot when we need help implementing the ideas from the community.

This Month included:
-Posting graphics for requests for ambassadors and 'got skills' series to encourage new talent to PIVX.
-Creating fun for the community members as a thank you by giving out rewards for tasks and encouraging engagement. (Contest payouts happily continue to come from my pocket. )
-Worked with Sigge and Hans Koning as we promoted welcoming Hans to PIVX and for the AMA where Hans answered community questions.
-Weekly polls which have a growing following.a
-Researching analytics to keep current with what is working and what isn't on social media.
-Answering emails in regard to others wanting to work with PIVX. Researching to make sure the offer is legit and would benefit PIVX.
-Worked with JSKitty re: My PIVX Wallet and all the awesome upgrades.
-Worked with PalmTree re: My PIVX Toolbox awesome upgrades.
-Worked with core members and CryptoGuard from BasicSwap/Particl

eg. Weekly polls.

Basic Swap and Partcl.

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