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PIVX Servers 2020 Q3


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Title: PIVX Servers 2020 Q3
Name: PIVX_Servers_2020_Q3
Term: 3 Cycles
Cycle Amnt: 750 PIV
Total Amnt: 2250 PIV
Author: Eric Stanek
Receiver: Eric Stanek
Address: TBD
Created: 2020-06-24
Status: Pre-Proposal
Vote Hash: TBD


Should this Pre-Proposal become a submitted proposal, the purpose is to pay for the multiple VPS instances used by PIVX.


For years, the costs for the servers listed below have been paid personally by myself every month. There are problems with this.

1. It creates centralization for vendor selection and account management.​
2. It creates centralization for payment.​
3. It creates centralization for server access.​
4. It assumes the Community supports the need for each server.​
5. It undermines the DAO if it is an individual making decisions on providers and paying.​
6. It does not support transparency. People don't know who is paying how much and for what.​

Frankly, I am less concerned about this proposal passing and being funded, than I am about a long term solution. But, that requires discussion, and discussion requires details. Hence this Pre-Proposal. I think that ideally, overhead costs like these should be paid from a separate 'fund' and the Treasury left to be dedicated to proposals that are not 'overhead'. I suspect that there will soon be a way to achieve this by having the PIVX Foundation pay these costs, from revenue streams the PIVX Foundation has developed.

As such, the objective of this Pre-Proposal is to promote discussion and decide on the best direction forward.


Even if it were possible to immediately reach the point where PIVX Foundation pays, that doesn't mean that is the best approach. Far better I think, to have at least 1 proposal be submitted, so that everyone has an opportunity to provide feedback and vote. Then, at some near term point, perhaps there can be a transition to the PIVX Foundation managing the service provider accounts and paying for this overhead.

Simply put, it should be the PIVX DAO that ultimately controls the servers. Jumping from 'Privately funded' to 'PIVX Foundation funded' completely bypasses the DAO proposal system. What we should have, is The PIVX DAO 'requesting' that the PIVX Foundation pay for this overhead and manage it, through voting, until voted otherwise. In other words, the PIVX Foundation takes direction from the PIVX DAO and serves The PIVX DAO.

This means that there may be ongoing proposals to vote on, to continue giving direction to the PIVX Foundation. However, the Proposal system is designed for disbursing Treasury funds, not making binary decisions. Sure, proposals could request the minimum 10 PIV, but that't not the point. I guess what I am looking for, is feedback on how to best maintain control for the PIVX DAO, and not creating centralization in the PIVX Foundation. I believe we can do that through proposal voting, but it wasn't really designed for that.


The servers used by the Core-Development team are NOT part of this proposal. A separate proposal covers those. However, it may make sense to have those overhead costs paid by the PIVX Foundation too. The Core Development team can decide that on their own perhaps after we work out the 'wrinkles' in this proposal.

Server:Server:Monthly Cost (USD):Description:
www.PIVX.org8GB RAM, 4 CPU, 160GB Disk.$40.00Webserver for PIVX.org site. Will migrate soon when PIVX.org 2.0 launches.
proxy.PIVX.org2GB RAM, 1 CPU, 50GB Disk.$10.00Will not be required for new PIVX.org website.
api.PIVXcentral.org4GB RAM, 2 CPU, 80GB Disk.$20.00PIVX wallet runs here and serves API/RPC requests to DB.
db.PIVXcentral.org2GB RAM, 1 CPU, 50GB Disk.
Holds legacy data for network/market statistics and proposals.
www.PIVXcentral.org4GB RAM, 2 CPU, 80GB Disk.$20.00Serves the PIVXcentral.org website.
chat.PIVX.org8GB RAM, 4 CPU, 160GB Disk.$40.00Evaluation server for apps such as Matrix/Riot and BigBlueButton.org.
cloud.PIVX.org4GB RAM, 2 CPU, 80GB Disk.$20.00PIVX NextCloud instance.
dev.PIVX.org2GB RAM, 1 CPU, 50GB Disk.$10.00Gitlab instance for non-core development projects.
docs.PIVX.org4GB RAM, 2 CPU, 80GB Disk.$20.00Webserver for docs.PIVX.org. PIVX documentation migrating here.
explorer.PIVX.org8GB RAM, 4 CPU, 160GB Disk.$40.00Webserver for explorer.PIVX.org.
rewards.PIVX.org4GB RAM, 2 CPU, 80GB Disk.$20.00Webserver for PIVX Rewards Calculator.
www.PIVXprojects.com16GB RAM, 8 CPU, 320GB Disk.$80.00Webserver for PIVX related websites supported by cPanel.

$330.00 USD. ~750 PIV


This is a unique Pre-Proposal given the suggestion that the PIVX Foundation get involved by creating a 'fund' to cover costs. Done correctly, this will offer the best of both worlds by covering costs and managing the 3rd party service provider accounts, while leaving the PIVX DAO in control. But, we need discussion to ensure we've covered all possible issues, and that this is indeed a viable solution.

Please provide feedback!


Vote Yes: mnbudgetvote many TBD yes
Vote No: mnbudgetvote many TBD no
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