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Archived PIVX Slush Fund Sept 2023


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Title: PIVX Slush Fund Sept 2023
Name: Slush-Fund-2023-09
Term: 1 Cycle
Cycle Amount: 2000 PIV
Total Amount: 2000 PIV
Author: leacymck
Receiver: leacymck
Address: D8mZcFxqxa44LUS1qNNz5i81SU4aX29ee4
Created: Sept 6, 2023
Status: Active

Back Story:
This proposal is a continuation from the previous Slush Fund proposal in May 2023 where 2000 PIV was awarded and was given out to Community Members, who have entered in the many contests held via PIVXcommunity Official Twitter account. As there is only 95 PIV left I thought it was time to submit another proposal for an additional 2000 PIV. Please see the prior Slush Fund proposal to see the detailed list of where the 1905 PIV was given out. ➡️ May slush fund. ⬅️
Having a pool of PIV to use to tip community members that step up when needed is a necessity so the core team can acknowledge their work, and to let them know they are appreciated. Giving prizes of PIV to the recipients of contests has proven to be beneficial for PIVX as 99% of the winners stay and become active community members!

I wish to have the 50 PIV reimbursed to me from submitting this proposal. I will keep track of all expenses again in the replies so that everyone can see where the funds go.
Therefore the remaining 1950 PIV will be used to help pay for winnings on upcoming PIVXcommunity contests, reward long-time active social team members and to reward supporters on socials.

Thank you,
Please note, if this proposal doesn't pass then there will be no large scale contest to bring in new members, nor will I be able to tip the community members that go out of their way in supporting PIVX on socials. There will be no random contests.
Tipping or being able to give some PIV to these members has been proven by many larger projects to help in growing communities. Back in 2018/19 members use to get paid for every social post they created, just a few PIV but it helped. This also shows our appreciation to these members that donate their time and energy.

Also if a request for a PIVX article is made, we won't be able to pay them.
I hope the MN owners that are voting this down are doing so because they literally can't see any positive outcome, and not because they dislike the author of this proposal which has been happening too much.

I have paid out 1000s of PIVs from my own pocket over the last 5 years, I just can't do this anymore.
There was 95 PIV leftover from May's Slush Fund of which has been brought forward here. Accounting is a continuation from prior fund.

12 - 2000 PIV (Sept slush fund) + 95 PIV (May slush fund) = 2095 PIV.
13 - 2095 - 50 PIV (Proposal submitting fee) = 2045 PIV.
14 - 2045 - 500 PIV (Gift to a Twitter account that promotes PIVX weekly to their 57k+ active followers who then help promotes also.) = 1545. (TX- proof. https://explorer.duddino.com/tx/becc08b952762c7ae0d5aac80b25429719d995b698345b9bd91308d78fe0e71a )
15 -1545 - 1000 (Payout to winner of the Taste the World with PIVX' https://x.com/PIVXcommunity/status/1712087726168642024?s=20. (1000 PIV amount transferred to winner via tip.cc in Discord PIVXLounge.) = 545 PIV.
16 - 545 - 50 PIV (To reimburse leacymck for proposal submitting fee) = 495 PIV.
17 - 495 PIV - 500 PIV = -5 PIV. (Paid 500 PIV to @Bouilla with thanks for attending the WebSummit in Lisbon to represent PIVX and to network. Not much to give as everything is out of his own pocket.)
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