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Name: Ofcl-SocialNov2023
Term: 1 cycle
Cycle Amount: 8050
Total Amount: 8050
Author: @LeacyMcK
Receiver: @LeacyMcK
Address: D8r6n12PfxU2pnDsj5a1qons5xvNnEWxGL
Created: November 13th, 2023
Status: Active

This proposal builds upon my previous one, which contains examples of past work, notable achievements, and successfully accomplished goals. For a detailed overview please refer to the following link: https://forum.pivx.org/threads/pivx-social.1776/ Metrics for October will be found there also. I have changed the name of my proposal so that the url will work better when I submit it to the network.
Please note, due to Elon Musk playing around with APIs again, the tweet links I posted below won't open at present time.

Weekly tasks
- All weekly tasks can be found here. https://forum.pivx.org/threads/pivx-social-media-lead-content-creator-exchange-liaison.1468/
- Timewise these weekly tasks take approx. 10 - 20 hours each week.
- Proof reading articles from other writers.

Monthly tasks
Complete and submit Binance report.
- Update PIVX.org when needed. (Edit roles, add articles/blogs.)
- Update Discord (Monitor auto-mod when needed.)
- Monthly PIVX Masternode updates.
- NEW - Working with Core Devs I will be restarting the Monthly PIVX Development updates like Jakiman use to create.

October highlights and accomplishments:
-A successful 6th Privacy Twitter event occurred with more listeners. The recording from the event was promoted with a tease for November’s event. Plans to get the recordings on YouTube will be happening soon.

privacy event.png

- I reach out and work with marketing teams from individual CEXs and DEXs in promoting PIVX being listed on them. We highlight 1 exchange monthly.
https://x.com/_PIVX/status/1713170289834524932?s=20 and https://x.com/_PIVX/status/1717858682103579121?s=20

-Worked with @Jeffrey and Travala.com in promoting the excellent new use case for PIVX. Promoted their post as well as planned the slogan and worked with @shorn in creating the graphic for PIVX’s announcement.

- I wrote an accompanying Medium article to compliment the Travala.com post.

- Working with PIVXlabs by promoting their posts, or helping with announcements in regards to MPW updates.

Teasers of the upcoming PIVCards was created prior to PIVXLabs announcement.

- At times posts are created last minute to deal with followers on socials that do not like to do their own research. eg. Complaining about Binance not having a PIVX/USDT pairing.

- Promoting the successful Hummingbot Liquidity mining program.
I wrote an accompanying article of the Hummingbot program to show the data results and to educate PIVX followers on what it is.

-PIVX Perspectives, the new series I created started in October as planned.

My first interview with Jeffrey was fun. Questions and answers were created and posted in a Medium article.


-Created the successful PIVX contest “Taste the World with PIVX” where mostly new followers (18 entries) submitted a recipe of their favourite dish along with the written recipe, and posted them to a dedicated Discord channel for a chance to receive 1000 PIV. PIVX Discord gained some new members as a result.


November Plans:

- 7th Privacy event scheduled for November 27th with special guest Zano. This month we are encouraging more engagement for our communities by offering a coin reward if a member suggests a privacy topic we choose to talk about in the event.
- 2nd interview for PIVX Perspectives.
- 2 Medium articles in the works.
- PIVX Development updates.
- Planning a December PIVXGives event where members can choose someone to donate gift cards via PIVXCards to. Please note that this is depending on whether I can get a proposal passed to top up the community slush fund.
-Continue working with Shorn.

Thank you for reading my proposal. At the end of this cycle, metrics accompanied with last minute work will be posted in the replies. To see metrics from October, please look here:

ps. Vote Hash: "0f1df31063df14cad74dd5d8489d784ac7a867f078b21021bedff33fd90db5db"
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