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PIVX Starter - Easy & Transparent Crypto Crowdfunding


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Title: PIVX Starter - Easy & Transparent Crypto Crowdfunding
Name: PIVX Starter - Easy & Transparent Crypto Crowdfunding
Term: TBD
Cycle Amnt: TBD
Total Amnt: 3920$
Author: ChekaZ
Receiver: Blockcurators GmbH
Address: TBD
Status: Pre-Proposed, In Review, Awaiting Feedback

Dear PIVX-Community,

Iam presenting a Tool called PIVX Starter, the idea started by Boris, Rhubabarian and others about 1 year ago. It got privately funded by Boris to a state where it could be used, but still needed a lot of development to bring it into the current state.

PIVX Starter is a Community Crowdfunding Tool which makes it able to easily donate to projects. All funds are escrowed and can be released on Milestones, so no "running with funds" or "scams" easily possible.

Preview: https://pivxstarter.blockcurators.com/

PIVXStarter is designed within the PIVX corporate identity guidelines. I'll display which features the page has, a lot of them is already implemented, some specific tasks about KYC and managing registered user funds is still open as its more pivx specific.

Basic Feature List

- Login/Register/Create Project/Discover Project/Discover Footer MenuBar
- FAQ/Rules Landing Page
- Display Campaigns with Picture or Video/Goal/Short-text/Funding/Title/Who set it up
- Display Total Campaigns/Amount/Funded - SearchBar ( Tags )

Profile Page:
- Deposit
- Withdraw
- Create Campaign
- Name
- Balance
- Projects listed ( Self and Donated )

Project Page:
- Title - Author
- Topic
- Project-Text
- Picture
- Funding Goal
- Project Address
- Amount of Donators
- Percentage Graphic of Funding
- Comment section
- Update Section Rules/How it works:
- Register is needed to create or donate to a project
- Deposit needs to be done on profile page in order to donate
- Contributions in PIVX are off-chain ( Database sending )
- All Projects are escrowed
- Creating a project, autofills a generated address ( Foundation has control over the wallet ) - Refunding when project didnt succeed.
- Releasing Funds (Manually)
- Projects can be "tagged" ( tech, social, medical ) for discovery
- Needs to be logged in to comment

Extended Feature Summary

+ User Roles:
- Creator: Require registration
- Project payout: Require KYC
- Donator: Require registration
+ Create a Page where a user can enter KYC Information Steps:
- Upload: Government Issued Identification
- Upload: selfie that must contain four random Characters that are displayed before
- Enter: Full Name
- Enter: Date of Birth
- Enter: Email Address
- Enter: IP from Account
- Upload: Proof of Address + Modify Project creation to…
- Allow to add different Milestones to Projects. The milestone exists of a goal, title and description
+ Modify Project display page to..
- Contain a Donation Button that links to their management site
- Allow Admins to approve and block a single Project
+ Money released on Milestones
- Set PIVX weight on milestones + Create an Admin Page that…
- Displays New Projects
- Shows Creators log IP addresses
- Shows Account Creation log IP Addresses in first place
- Shows a Message when KYC review is needed
- Allows to Upload Files/Reports for Foundation/Coreon the Admin Page for KYC Purposes
- Has a Search Bar for Users to review
- That allows admins to manage the projects
- Allows to released Money on Milestones + Implement security Measurements..
- for KYC that encrypts the KYC Files on the Server. The Key is only available to Foundation/Core
- for Admins users that requires to use 2fa-Authentification

I would like to get community feedback on these points as well as on the topic overall. The money will be used to finalize the development of PIVXStarter with all specs mentioned above.

This product will be delivered on-premise.

Kind regard,
Its not designed to generate any profit, so right now 100% of the donated money goes to the projects. - It could be changed depends on how PIVX wants to have it. As said its delievered on-premise when its ready.
I am not following. Is this a proposal to sell the source code for PIVX to then host it on their own server and be responsible for operating it?

Please let us know what the response from the solicitor was.
I am not following. Is this a proposal to sell the source code for PIVX to then host it on their own server and be responsible for operating it?
Basically, we have coded the webapp, implemented the above mentioned features. So we sell the "page" on premise. So PIVX will need to host it on their own/operate it on their own.

About the legal, I dont know what John found out, the whole process with the vendible stalled the projects for months without any progress.

For Crowdfunding two things are important:
- Do you get anything "equity"? - If no it counts as normal donation
- Does it comply with AML? - Registering to donate/set-up a project fixes that.

So as long no campaigns offer any "equity" shares of something that gets crowdfunded, there are no legal issues.

Each campaign needs to be approved by an admin first, before its seen/can be donated towards.
OK for me to ask @John M what he found out on the topic?

Because there is no way I am going to take legal advice from someone who doesn't know what the answers are, and is from a completely different part of the world.

This legal issue is the very first thing that needs to be resolved. There is absolutely zero sense with moving forward until it is answered.
I messaged John to ask him pop in after seeing you message. He was in the process of writing a manual for kyc
Hey guys, Looking at the above - the main legal issue was things being custodial and there being no Money Transmitter License. The work around was to use a company such as Vendible, that had an MTL, to handle withdrawals and things. Without an MTL, you cannot offer services to any Americans, even if they live in a different country. - other countries have their own rules. The Law Firm that Borris had paid are reputable and very crypto savvy. Due diligence and compliance also needs to be done on projects that want donations, and this needs to maintain GDPR and CCPA compliance standards. There also needs to be a proper privacy policy on the site. There was a legal opinion letter supplied - since Borris paid for it, it would be up to him to share it if he likes. I unfortunately can't work on projects outside of the Cardano space now, so this is all the info I can supply at the moment.
Sure. I would like to see it up and running

Haven't got it to hand so if John has it laying around he's welcome to share whatever
@PIVXJohn I got the letter. Thanks.

@ChekaZ , you stated; “About the legal, I dont know what John found out, ...”

Are you telling me that @Borris never showed you the legal opinion letter from a prominent legal firm, specializing in blockchain and cryptocurrency matters?
I do not like the collection of personal data is required, I mean PIVX the P is for "Private", sure, someone is in control of the DATA and is "SAFU" (like my bank said).

- Enter: Full Name
- Enter: Date of Birth
- Enter: Email Address
- Enter: IP from Account

Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?
Hey @Borris, According to you, everything in the legal document was discussed in the 'chat room' your team uses, but @ChekaZ states he has not seen or read the legal document. Perhaps he was not part of that discussion and that is why these important details are not in this proposal.

We've been making our concerns known about the legal issues for a long time. Could you please explain how this project could legally function under PIVX?
Who currently owns the PIVXstarter source code rights? Is it @ChekaZ or @Borris?

Because the funds being requested are clearly stated to be for the effort to complete the functionality listed. It says nothing about the source code itself.

Also, will this existing code, and the code funded by this proposal, then be owned exclusively by PIVX?