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Name: PIVXUniversityBrazil
Term: 1 cycles
Cycle Amount: 13050 PIV
Total Amount: 13050 PIV
Author: @JoaquimFolha
Receiver: @JoaquimFolha
Created: April 27, 2023

O The Need
I've been in the crypto market since 2017, in PIVX since 2018 and since then I've been ahead of several events, lectures and PIVX community in Brazil. I want to use my experience in crypto, blockchain and marketing to leverage knowledge about PIVX in Brazil, with lectures at colleges and showing applications that can be created using PIVX privacy and using DAO to start projects

I recently gave a lecture at ITA in São José dos Campos for a group of students.
ITA has undergraduate and graduate courses in areas related to engineering, mainly in the aerospace sector, and all students take programming classes and there is also a Blockchain group within the Faculty. ITA It is considered one of the best higher education institutions in Brazil.

In 2022 I traveled to more than 8 events in 5 different cities and I want to be able to spread PIVX in all regions, with content production, videos and photos


Presence at the biggest crypto events
Coverage of the event with content production in English on social networks PIVX Internacional Format: Story, Video, Photos.
Social Networks: Instagram, Youtube, Twitter

NFT Brasil 02 a 04 June
São Paulo City
Event description: A hybrid and decentralized event to discover, connect, build and strengthen communities of digital artists and web3 builders in Brazil, previous edition 2022 with 3k people in Rio de Janeiro. 6k people are expected this year

Cost NFT Brasil
  • Hotel 750 PIV
  • Ticket 245 PIV
  • Transport 720 PIV
  • Food 643 PIV
Total: 2358 PIV

BitSampa 10 e 11 de June
City São Paulo
Event Description: Organized by the BitNada team and Hathi Estúdios, the event will have lectures with the most varied themes of the cryptosphere: Investment, DeFi, web3, blockchain, freedom, security and much more!

Check out more about BitSampa - which took place on June 10th and 11th, 2023 - and come be part of the conference that has become a reference in the crypto world!

Cost BitSampa
  • Hotel 585 PIV
  • Ticket 85 PIV
  • Transport 565 PIV
  • Food 485 PIV
Total: 1720 PIV

BlockchainRio 12 e 14 Setembro
City Rio de Janeiro
Event Description: The largest Blockchain event in Latin America.
Join us in Cidade Maravilhosa for 3 days of transformative immersion! We bring a blend of technology, business, culture and sustainability that will help people and companies position themselves for the future of this generation.

BlockchaIn Rio Festival will be the biggest blockchain event in Latin America, and one of the biggest ever in the world, connecting some of the brightest minds on the planet.

Cost BlockchainRio
  • Hotel 860 PIV
  • Ticket 230 PIV
  • Transport 615 PIV
  • Food 525 PIV
Total: 2230 PIV

Cost 50 PIV Fee Submit proposal

Lecture at Colleges about PIVX

let's show applications and projects to be created using privacy PIVX and DAO to create new utilities

The idea is that with the lectures to be held, a new ecosystem will be created for the use of PIV in projects such as Stores, Sponsorship in events, sports, Giving privacy to projects, Marketing all these initiatives supported by the DAO or the project's own funding

In Brazil we have several Blockchain groups in Colleges of students with a lot of desire to develop, create their project and delve even deeper into Blockchain, this is an initiative to insert these people and include themselves in PIVX

It is expected that in the next 2 and a half months after the support and approval of the proposal, new initiatives will be created by new people in PIVX

And also PIVX may have a future integrated with more Blockchain sectors like: NFT, Metaverse, Web3, DeFi

Where can PIVX be used the most?
  • Means of payment at events and online
  • DEX
  • Network privacy infrastructure
  • Privacy projects like VPN, Browsers and domains with privacy
  • Decentralized Social Network supported 100% on PIVX

Date: July 11
City: Rio de Janeiro
Cost Coffee Break: 750 PIV
Cost Transport: 214 PIV
Total: 960 PIV

Faculdade FAM Americana
Date: July 18
City: São Paulo
Cost Coffee Break: 750 PIV
Cost Transport: 214 PIV
Total: 960 PIV

PUC Campinas
Date: 07 de Agosto
City: São Paulo
Cost Coffee Break: 750 PIV
Cost Transport: 214 PIV
Total: 960 PIV

Faculdade ITA
Date: 17 de Agosto
City: São Paulo
Cost Coffee Break: 750 PIV
Cost Transport: 214 PIV
Total: 960 PIV

Faculdade Inspirer
Date: 28 de Agosto
City: São Paulo
Cost Coffee Break: 750 PIV
Cost Transport: 214 PIV
Total: 960 PIV

Faculdade PUC Rio
Date: 11 de Setembro
City: Rio de Janeiro
Cost Coffee Break: 750 PIV
Total: 750 PIV

Audience: Programming students

In all presentations at colleges we will have calls to participate in the PIVX social networks and a coffee break for students present
Content Lecture: What is PIVX, applications of privacy in everyday life
Presentation LINK

PIVX custom cost
Customized for video and photo contest in Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and all actions taken
  • 2 Blouse 240 PIV
  • 2 Mug 80 PIV
  • 1 Flag 230 PIV
  • 3 T shirt 160 PIV
  • 2 Cap 130 PIV
  • 300 Stickers 120 PIV
  • 2000 Flyers 160 PIV
Total: 1120 PIV


Active Pivian
Crypto events usually charge a fee to be a presenter. I don't see that fee listed. Did I miss it?

You list 6 colleges, and a 'Coffee Break' at each for 750 PIV. That's a LOT of coffee! Can you break down what that is spent on please?


Staff member
This is interesting @forbal, but I think is very expensive, do not get me wrong, but it is better that if you ask for one event only, and then get some feed back, and if you get enough traction, then ask for more, otherwise this seems to be a road trip.