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PIVX v5.3.3 Core Desktop Wallet Release

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PIVX v5.3.3 Core wallet has been published and is available for download! It's a highly recommended Core Wallet update which solves a good number of issues over the tier two network synchronization process, which recently caused users to struggle during the past superblock, and improves its stability and performance as well.

We invite you to update your wallet as soon as possible to avoid any unnecessary hassle. This release comes with a protocol version bump, which means that your Masternodes will need to be restarted once you upgrade both the controller wallet and the Masternode daemon.

Detailed fixed issue description can be found here.
Release notes of this wallet can be found here.

Latest v5.3.3 binaries can be downloaded here:

Or from GitHub’s repository release tag:

1. Do I have to upgrade?
- Although there is no enforcement block and there will be no hard fork, it’s highly recommended to upgrade your wallets before the next superblock, including the Masternodes, to avoid any unnecessary hassle over the recently solved tier two synchronization issues.

2. Do I have to upgrade my Masternodes as well?
- Yes, it is highly recommended that you upgrade all your wallets, including the Masternodes. Furthermore, please note that you need to restart the Masternode from Control wallet after you successfully upgrade both the Control wallet and the Masternode daemon to v5.3.3.
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