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2021-05-03 EDIT: We now swap both PIVX -> BTC and BTC -> PIVX!

Hello PIVians! Last week we launched pivx2bitcoin.com, an account-less, private pivx to bitcoin exchanger.

The primary focus of pivx2bitcoin is privacy. Our platform uses no JavaScript, there are no accounts, we have no user tracking. We're hosted both on clearnet and Tor, and encourage our uses to access us via our onion services on Tor, or via your favorite privacy-preserving VPN on our clearnet site.

The way it works is simple: specify how many BTC you'd like, and the address they should be sent to. We'll give you the best rate we can find, the amount of PIVX to send, our shielded addresses, and your quote id. Keep the ID! The quote is valid for 10 minutes - meaning the broadcast of your send must happen within 10 minutes. We don't need the confirms to happen within 10 minutes, but we need to see the broadcast within 10 minutes.

You can include a PIVX refund address as well, in case something goes wrong. This is option, but encouraged.

Once created, we keep the quote in our system for 30 days. After 30 days, everything is deleted (including our backups).

All our deposit addresses are Shield addresses. We encourage our users to send using Shield as well, but we support transparent as well.

In addition, we adhere to the OMG spec for onion services as outlined on https://dark.fail/spec/omg.txt. You can find out PGP key here (and on Keybase), our signed list of mirrors here, and our signed canary. These files are available on our clearnet domain as well as all of our onion service mirrors.

For more information on our privacy and data retention policies, please see our privacy page over here.

Check it out and let us know what you think! I hang out on the PIVX Discord server pretty regularly, and you can reach the rest of the team via the Contact Us form on the site. We have more coming - stay tuned!
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We've had a warm welcome in our first few weeks of operation. The most common feature request we've had, by far, is to be able to swap BTC -> PIVX.

I'm _very_ happy to announce that as of right now, you can now swap PIVX->BTC, AND, BTC->PIVX on pivx2bitcoin.com!

The workflow has been altered a bit to accommodate the new functionality. When you begin a swap, you select which coin you would like to send, and which coin you want to receive. You then specify the amount - either the amount of coin you send in, or the amount of coin you receive. Our system will generate a quote and display your rate, the time the transaction must be broadcast by, and a deposit address.

As always, our commitment to privacy remains our primary focus. Outside of adding a BTC->PIVX swap, nothing else has changed on the site. We continue to completely parse all data every 30 days. We have no javascript on the site - and will never have javascript. We operate on clearnet as well as tor.

Part of this effort involved laying the ground work to support more coins - we have some news on that front coming "soon". Stay tuned!
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+1 to this service, a dedicated and privacy-focused way of exchanging PIVX is NECESSARY to the economy, this website has it all, seriously awesome.


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Thanks all! I'm glad the service has been working well.

We've pushed out several new updates:
  • API availability
  • Unlimited amount swaps
  • Infrastructure updates
We have a public API which is available via https://pivx2bitcoin.com/home/api. There is an API explorer, which uses JavaScript, as well as an OpenAPI 3 spec. You can create quotes and check on the status of quotes via the API. Rewards are available as well. If you're looking at an integration and want to learn more about rewards, contact me or send us an email.

Unlimited Amount Swap
Previously, a swap would be capped a specific amount displayed on the select amount screen. We've added a checkbox to turn on Unlimited. It isn't just a clever name; when enabled you can swap amounts that exceed the max shown on the screen. The trade-off is that unlimited swaps can take up to 24 hours to execute.

If you're using the API, set the `isUnlimited` property on your create request object to `true`.

Unlimited swaps require a source asset refund address to be set. If you're using the website, you'll be prompted to add one should you forget. If you're using the API, a descriptive 400 response will be returned.

Infrastructure Updates
Being available on Tor has been one of the things I'm most excited about with our service. On any given day, 1 out of 3 swaps are filled by users over Tor. This is much more than anticipated, and I love it! Tor, and cryptocurrency in general, can also attract bad actors. The vast majority of attacks we've noticed come in over Tor. We have had service degradation in the past due to these attacks, but we have never disabled Tor access. I'm happy to say that we've significantly invested in our Tor-based infrastructure, and as a result we've seen a dramatic decrease in the impact felt from these attacks.

Tor is, and will continue, to be a first-class citizen for our service.

That's all for today! Again, thank you, thank you, thank you for using pivx2bitcoin!