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PR & Global Ambassador - Kelsey Cole aka PIVXpixie (July-December 2019)


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Title: PR & Global Ambassador - Kelsey Cole aka PIVXpixie (July-December 2019)
Name: PR_JulyDec2019
Term: 6 cyles
Cycle Amnt: 4,545
Total Amnt: 27,270
Author: Kelsey Cole “PIVX Pixie” - MVM Inc.
Receiver: Kelsey Cole “PIVX Pixie” - MVM Inc.
Address: TBA
Created: 07.02.2019
Status: Pre-Proposal

PR & Global Ambassador July - December 2019 (6 Months)

This includes 6 PR campaigns + work as a public spokesperson and global ambassador for the duration of these campaigns.

The formal role of Global Ambassador is critical for media, partnerships and business development opportunities. I was featured in several articles (even one on ELLE.com) as a PIVX Global Ambassador because there are so few women in crypto. But the spokesperson PR features piece is a nice to have in comparison to the absolutely necessary role of taking responsibility for the brand in the real world.

^ Although this is a privacy coin, it is imperative that there are public facing figures willing to put their faces, businesses and reputations on the line. In order to publish press releases, I need to give out personal information that is published all over the internet, sign documents legally certifying the information is true and that we are not involved in an ICO. I have to speak to media and sign contracts with organizations on behalf of PIVX - and that responsibility needs to be recognized.

  • Creation of a press release, pitch to over 25 crypto media outlets + distribute on wire
  • Focus on one “story” per campaign: ideally 1 campaign per month highlighting PIVX innovation and industry leadership.
    • If there is no news one month, we’ll reserve the campaigns for future months (For example: round 1 of this proposal included 3 campaigns that were used in March, April and June -- but not in January, February or May.)
  • Manage any incoming media requests
  • Allocate 50% of budget to press release distribution expenses such as:
    • Wire release in North America
    • Sponsored content fees on crypto publishing sites
We will communicate with the PIVX team to align on key upcoming announcements and create a roll out plan to bring attention to one achievement each month.

  • July: Blockchain Futurist Conference Sponsorship Announcement
  • August: Major Announcement @ Blockchain Futurist Conference
  • September: PIVX Foundation & United Nations Activities
  • + Wallet 4.0 Release
  • New Privacy Protocol
  • Partnership Announcements
*note: These are examples for how the 6 campaigns will be used. The flexibility in the execution allows for timing and campaign theme to change to best suit the PIVX project & brand.

Breakdown: $3k usd for one campaign = 4545 PIV

$1500 usd wire & distribution fees
$1500 usd per campaign creation, execution

Included: Global Ambassador & Spokesperson work as part of the package. This includes Kelsey representing and speaking on behalf of the brand & including it on all social media handles.

We are recommending these PR campaigns continue for the next 6 months so we can be accountable for the evolution and growth of the brand. There is a lot to do, and we need to make sure we invest the time to do it properly which is why the recurrence of the campaign is a frequency of 6 and not the traditional frequency of 3.


This project will be managed by MVM inc, a Canadian company owned and operated by experienced crypto marketers Angelo Dodaro and Kelsey Cole. The duo have worked with companies such as Celsius Network (founded by VoIP inventor), Cool Cousin and launched the successful Adbank ICO featuring a viral video they produced in collaboration with SNL writer and Emmy-nominated Zack Bornstein.

Before starting her own agency and entering the crypto industry, Kelsey Cole was an award winning marketing & PR professional working with global brands such as Revlon, L’Oreal and Aveda where she earned a spot on multiple Top 30 Under 30 lists. Her global work for gender equality and passion for impact lead to her recent receipt of the Frontier Women Award presented at the United Nations on International Peace Day.

“It's quite rare to find someone with real marketing chops who also truly understands the crypto space. Angelo & Kelsey have a deep skillset across pretty much every marketing channel combined with a deep strategic side to quickly make a huge impact. Any project would be lucky to have them helping out.” - Keith Baumwald, former CMO of Celsius Network
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