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Ended Pre-proposal PIVX Telegram Tip Bot

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Title: PIVX Telegram Tip Bot Proposal
Name: telegram-tipbot
Term: 2 Cycles
Cycle Amnt: 825
Total Amnt: 1650
Author: Pablon & ONeZetty
Address: DMa29yHDpsksz6BUWsq6TSgRAqe2k2HuxX
Status: Awaiting Feedback
PIVX Foundation: Able to KYC to receive

Dear PIVX Community, we are Zetty and Pablon, and this is our proposal to create a PIVX Tip Bot on Telegram! Yes, our Discord is the biggest social community chat, but our Telegram Chat is bigger too, so this proposal is to ask some founds to create a simple Tip Bot for the PIVX Chat on Telegram or any other Telegram group or user, there no Tip Bot available on Telegram at this moment.

What is our proposal?
  • 1 year of service
  • 12 hours of maintenance & updates
  • 6 hours of emergency service
  • 12 months of the VPS service
  • Development and testing
Featuring: The bot will be able to deposit, tip, and withdraw, the bot would be available on English.

How is the TEAM?

Pablon (Criptocuba) PIVX Cuban Ambassador​
Zetty (ONeZetty) PIVX Mexican Ambassador​
Total cost: 1650 PIV
  • 600 PIV for the VPS
  • 350 PIV for development
  • 650 PIV for maintenance and update
  • 50 PIV proposal fee
Feel free to make you your comments. Thanks!
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Would just knock this one on the head and don't waste your time. Tip.cc already does it for free.
Would just knock this one on the head and don't waste your time. Tip.cc already does it for free.

Thanks Boris, nice to see you finally join the forum, Tipcc has "plans" for it, or bot is already working, made for PIVians for PIVians.

And is going to be PIVX only, I can't imagine a bot in our chat tipping and spamming with others coins, no that is ugly.

Almost all work is done, and already working, we asking for help to pay the VPS and for the support, there is not such thing as a free lunch. And we not asking for tons of money.

Anyway thanks for your comments and positivity. 💜
Not open for further replies.