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Question to members of the PIVX community who operate e-commerce shops (sell goods and services)


Good morning,

As a part of Maria brand, we have also a marketplace MariaBuy.com where users can buy/sell services and goods for $Maria (proud PIVX fork, of course) and Bitcoin.

Originally the idea was to create our own payment gateway 'Maria Pay', sadly the agreed developer couldn't find time to deliver the product :) .. these things happen, of course. And, we are using cryptocurrencycheckout.com gateway - not really perfect as almost 90% carts get abandoned, though still does the job.

.. the cryptocurrency checkout also supports pivx.

Question to members of the PIVX community who operate e-commerce shops (sell goods and services): Would you find it useful and helpful to have 1 more marketplace to sell your goods/services for crypto?

.. sadly many pivx fork communities are almost dead, including $zenzo (sorry @YuurinBee) as they don't have real use cases :(


and, is it possible for $Maria to make an official friendship with PIVX? :) .. I always disclose that we are proud fork of PIVX :)

Great Friday all!!
Hi @Helmuts

Another use case is always good! As for payment gateways I would suggest that you use NowPayments. PIVX is added there as well as many other cryptocurrencies

It would be great to see PIVX added to your marketplace and any alliance discussions and collaborations would be exciting too

My telegram is Guapic if you want to discuss there
The integration is complete. We enabled 2 coins: PIVX and ZENZO.

Official announcement:

Would PIVX team wish to have an official merch shop as well at MariaBuy? .. there is no cost for this, of course :)

The process would be:
1) please create a PIVX shop
2) dm me, or reply here
3) Felix (my business partner at MariaBuy) will add the PIVX merch shop to the branded merchandise directory.

This would be awesome, wouldn't it? :)

Have a great weekend all! Helmuts

p.s. @Jeffrey thank you for the suggestion > I will check out NowPayments. .. and will dm you at TG / my TG: @helmutsm