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New Pivian
Hello friends of the Pivx community. I would like to present to you my work for the last three to four months. I worked on promoting pivx on the decentralized social network bastyon here: https://bastyon.com/pivx?ref=PKbYu8Sib6hAB56xeM1r6qWvqbhNFbrTJX. I would like to continue working on the pivx bastyon account, reposting and also using the boost account. If you want to reach more users, this feature costs about $1 per post to reach 3,500 users. It takes me at least an hour a day. I would like to submit a proposal for 2000 pivx. I had to finance it from my own resources. in the penultimate post, I was also approached by technical support and developers that we could work together to promote pivx more on the bastyon platform and vice versa. So far, I have reached 46 followers and I can't tell you how to view certain contributions because that function is no longer enabled. I would like to continue this work for a long time. Thank you for your feedback