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Ended Slush Fund Dec 2023


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Title: PIVX Slush Fund Dec 2023
Name: Slush-Fund-2023-12
Term: 1 Cycle
Cycle Amount: 2000 PIV
Total Amount: 2000 PIV
Author: leacymck
Receiver: leacymck
Address: DRNi9XSuEqDnzMvoqgoubNj2KXtPfny9SS
Created: Nov 29th, 2021
Status: Active

Back Story:
This proposal is a continuation from the previous Slush Fund proposal in Oct 2023 where 2000 PIV was awarded and was given out to Community Members, who have entered in the many contests held via PIVXcommunity Official Twitter account. This past slush fund was also used to tip Bouilla who went to WebSummit in Lisbon on behalf of PIVX.
Having a pool of PIV to use to tip community members that step up when needed is a necessity so the core team can acknowledge their work, and to let them know they are appreciated. Giving prizes of PIV to the recipients of contests has proven to be beneficial for PIVX as 99% of the winners stay and become active community members!

I went through the past slush fund faster than the prior one submitted in May due to larger contest and supporting of Bouilla.

I wish to have the 50 PIV reimbursed to me from submitting this proposal. I will keep track of all expenses again in the replies so that everyone can see where the funds go. Past slush fund proposals show all documentation of where funds went.

Thank you for reading,
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Dec 30th 2000 - 50 Proposal fee reimbursement = 1950 PIV,
Jan 5th 1950
- 250 for (PIVXcommunity contest, 5 x 50 PIV winners. )= 1700 PIV.
Feb 19 1700
- 304 (PIVX PIVCard Valentine contest via PIVXcommunity. 4 x 76 PIV and ) = 1396 PIV
Feb 19
1396 - 725.55 (AMA with host CryptoKaffy and Hans Koning on GameStation TG. For CryptoKaffy's fee) = 670.45 PIV
Feb 8th 670.45
- (Payment for 1st month of Twitter Verified PIVX official account. $22.60 CAD = 48.80 PIV paid to Leacymck ) = 621.65 PIV
Feb 19 621.65
(late entry. Christmas tips to 6 active, supportive, needed social team members. 1 100 PIV tip and 5 150 PIV tips to Sigge, Elena, Dinizc, Bouilla and Amit = 850 PIV) = -228.00 PIV (will debit from next proposal if it passes)
Please note, I also added a bit of PIV to their tips from my own wallet as a thank you because they deserve this and more.
Feb 21 -228.00 + - 200 PIV. (AMA with Hans Koning/CryptoKaffy 6 winners received 33.33 PIV each.) = - 428 PIV (Owed to leacymck)

I will be submitting a new slush fund proposal for next cycle. Everything is documented and updated.
Thank you.
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