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As more and more blockchain projects are announced every day, gaining visibility is now harder than ever. The goal of this service is to rise up above the crowd to increase project visibility in the crypto community.

Using a sophisticated keyword tracking software, we deploy our team of community managers to all corners of the internet to create brand awareness and drive traffic to the desired platform.

Our main goal is to bring brand awareness to PIVX by increasing mentions across the web organically. We will not be shilling, we will be professionally educating people about PIVX value and true potential.

This work is to be done both proactively and reactively. This means joining existing conversations as well as creating our own.

Service Breakdown

Keyword tracking:
We define and track keywords relevant to PIVX scanning for mentions. The goal is to increase relevance, attention, interaction and conversion for PIVX and to drive traffic to the PIVX social channelss.

Keyword Examples
  • PIVX
  • Digital Cash
  • Crypto Payment
  • Top blockchain projects

Medium Analysis:

We will create a list of all relevant communities on

  • Facebook
  • Reddit
  • LinkedIn
  • BitcoinTalk
  • Bitcoin Garden
  • CryptoCurrency Talk

We then share daily news, updates, and create a conversation about PIVX in these communities.

Monthly Analytics Report

Using our keyword tracking software we will build comprehensive analytics reports giving us information as to where conversations about PIVX are happening, what the community sentiment is and which influencers are talking about us. This will allow us to better direct our efforts, provide the PIVX community more information about the project status and to gauge the effectiveness of this service.

Bottom line:

  • 4 high-quality posts a day about PIVX in various groups (proactive)
  • 12 hours a day of web scouring and joining conversations (reactive)
  • One analytics report every two weeks

Proposal Length: 3 months
Price: 4k USD a month