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Translations proposal ideas


New Pivian
Hello girls and boys :)

Ok, I am starting with the work to get the translations proposal through. Following I will jot down some of my ideas, and I am thankful for your ideas and thoughts.

Translations will be needed not only for the website and changes there. Also recurring news features, announcements, marketing articles and such.

1. To make initial funding easier, I am thinking of starting with the major languages Russian, Korean, Chinese, Spanish & Portuguese, French, German (did I forget any?).

2. In an upcoming step, I am planning to add Farsi, Turkish, Arabian, and maybe more. Please let me know if you think that the priorities should be changed.

3. Which way of funding would be a good way to approach? Funds might not be fully used one month, while I might need more other months, when there are more texts and articles to translate.

Lets start which these questions.

Thank you very much in advance :)

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