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[*]Title: Hotel booking website TrezarTravels
[*]Name: TrezarTravels 2.0
[*]Term: 3
[*]Cycle Amnt: 4700$
[*]Total Amnt: 14100$
[*]Author: ChekaZ
[*]Receiver: Blockcurators GmbH ( ChekaZ )
[*]Address: TBA
[*]Created: 06.09.2019
[*]Status: Pre-proposal


Dear PIVX-Community,

Iam ChekaZ from the Blockcurators GmbH from Germany, as you might know, Iam also the Founder of Trezarcoin.

Trezarcoin has a Partnership with a Bookinagency to book Hotels with Crypto, which accepts Trezarcoin for Expedia VIP+ Hotels with a -20% Discount. This service which was in the early stages “Slack booking only” has evolved into a Website -> (https://trezartravels.com). Now we want to expand this service again and open it up to all Hotels from Expedia.com and Booking.com.

TrezarTravels 2.0 needs to be built and with this huge step, I offer to integrate PIVX into this service along with Trezarcoin. This project needs Teamwork, thats why an alliance between PIVX and Trezarcoin is what I want to achieve to realize this Project.


TrezarTravels 2.0:

  • Blockcurators GmbH will build the website
  • Trezarcoin’s BookingAgencyPartner will accept TZC and PIVX for Bookings
  • Site will be built completely from scratch with react and nodejs
  • Prices will be compared from Booking.com and Expedia.com and displayed on TrezarTravels
  • Possible price savings on all Hotels, -20% on VIP+ Hotels from Expedia
  • Login/Profile Page included to see all recent bookings/details
Milestones will be set throughout the development to ensure everything is going according to plan.


The funding which is required for this project is 14100$. This includes development hours, designer hours, as well as testing. This proposal has been confirmed and will be put through the daf if funding is not available at the time.

Thank you for your time and I hope you consider this proposal.

Kind regard,

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