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Archived VPS Expenses 2022 (May-Dec)


Title: VPS Expenses 2022 (May-Dec)
Name: VPS Expenses 2022 (May-Dec)
Term: 1 Cycles
Cycle Amnt: 9368  PIV
Total Amnt: 9368 PIV
Author: vampyren
Receiver: vampyren
Address: D9XL2DAAjB4WqD3mfGWJDswnptsyuxTYJS
Created: 2022-05-01
Status: Active
Vote Hash: 36d7b6c1570497744f8476d9a45de3e7d03a887180b40825b21dfe909cb534ca

Hello everyone,
This proposal is basically exactly the same as previously requested by @Eric_Staken so i have taken the relevant parts from his post with some adjustment to count for the current price of PIV.
Link to previous posts from Eric:

As Eric already pointed out in his post the right thing to do is to let the DAO pay for our servers.
It is a small amount and doing this also helps get it organized such that perhaps it can be handed off to the PIVX Foundation at some future point. That will also help us greatly when making Copyright claims and processing DMCA Takedown notices.

Current Status:

We now have the web servers organized well. (It took many days for @Kyeno to make this happen - they were such a mess from lack of attention for years.) Without giving away too much information and breaking OpSec, I can state we now have the main PIVX.org website, the Forum and NextCloud instances, as well as many other PIVX Community related sites, well organized on 3 different servers, at a reputable VPS provider, with backups, all hidden behind CloudFlare. Accounts for the PIVX domains and the VPS servers are accessible by 3 trusted PIVians, located in various time zones and continents.

Server Specs:

- 3x Dedicated 8 GB - Each server has different numbers of sites and services, balancing the server load and web service priorities, but have the same specifications; 8 GB RAM, 160 GB Disk, and 4 CPUs.
- 1x Linode 2 GB - 2 GB RAM, 50GB Storage, 1 CPU


All prices are in USD.
The 3 higher tier VPS instances are $60 per month, plus $10 per month for backups.
The lower tier VPS instance cost 10$ per month, plus 2,50$ per month for backups.

I am not including the 50 PIV cost for submitting this proposal!

So, we have:

3 x ($60 + $10) + ($10+$2,50) = $210 + $12,5 = $222,5 per month for the 4 VPS instances.

The total is then $222,5 per month for the VPS Web Server infrastructure.

The current price for PIVX is $0.19, so that works out to 1171 PIV per month.

For re requested period May-Dec the total amount will be 1171x8 = 9368 PIV


I'm not sure where the price will be in a few month but i dont expect we will be going to 10$ anytime soon. If we do then i will for sure compensate for the months the price goes much higher.


I will not be reporting out any further details.


To Vote Yes:

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To Vote No:

mnbudgetvote many 36d7b6c1570497744f8476d9a45de3e7d03a887180b40825b21dfe909cb534ca no
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