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Active Web Development and Design 2021-Q1


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Title: Web Development and Design 2021-Q1
Name: WebDevDes-2021-Q1
Term: 2 Cycles
Cycle Amnt: 2000 PIV
Total Amnt: 4000 PIV
Author: Eric Stanek
Receiver: Kyeno
Address: DCWyebqBSdCfWqhsQ7boKM1T5kucuHvryF
Created: 2021-01-21
Status: Active
Vote Hash: 8ba06a23dfc074394227fcbe64aba4d03b0334cb3189f8acaa289a2e28e9af9a


The purpose of this proposal is to ensure that continuously ongoing Web Design and Development efforts are funded in advance, to avoid delays to source funding, when we often need to react quickly.


The PIVX Community has long understood we need to support Core Development each and every month. However, for reasons explained later, we have ignored the fact that we need to support Web Design and Development, and Graphic Design every month too. (The same can be said for Marketing, and Business Development but that is outside the scope of this proposal.)


This proposal spans ongoing efforts not easily categorized into a single task (Unlike the PIVXcentral integration to PIVX.org) for the following skill sets:

Web Development:PHP, Javascript, HTML, CSS, GitHub, Sys Admin, Internationalization Support.
Web Design:Layout, HTML, CSS (SASS).
Graphic Design:Photoshop, Branding, Creative Assets.

Grouping Tasks:

Web Design and Web Development would normally be separated from Graphic Design into separate projects. However, given the PIVX.org site is very new, and we refreshed the brand, we are currently seeing quite a bit of overlap. Graphic Design completed now, to support Twitter etc. usually requires changes to the PIVX.org site too. Also, I think the efforts compliment themselves from a budget planning point of view. Graphic Design can take priority due to requests typically being urgent, but when there is extra budget available, it can be spent on Web Development, which while important, can usually be delayed for a few weeks.

Also, I do NOT think that the current level of funding available from the Treasury is sufficient to support these efforts to the point where they will not require private funding. As such, while the funding level requested is low, and until it can increase to the level it deserves, these tasks are best combined. Hopefully soon there will be sufficient funding available such that they can be separated into different proposals to avoid a ‘Super Proposal’ scenario.


Many people are of the impression that once a website is published, Web Design and Development is done and all effort stops. This is simply not true at all. That approach had us limping along with a WordPress site that could not be upgraded or migrated to a faster server, for almost 2 years. At any point during that time, PIVX.org could have crashed, and we would have been without a website for many weeks. We simply can not let ourselves get into that massive technical debt scenario again.

For Creative Graphic support in the past, we relied on highly skilled people to volunteer their time, with zero funding support, for extended periods of time. This created an unsustainable scenario as they had to turn away projects from paying clients and their business suffered greatly. Perhaps more importantly, getting awesome images created fast, for free, sent the wrong message to the Community. It created and supported the assumption that impressive images took 20 mins each to prepare. The truth is, that depending on the message the image needed to communicate, it could take anywhere from 2 to 8 hrs per image. Often more for complex topics. For example, large info-graphics could take many days.

Work Flow:

The team will likely use a Discord channel as their ‘in-box’ for requests. It will be up to the team to decide on priorities and when they need clarification, they can request guidance from the PIVX Core Team. In other words, anyone will be able to make a request, but it is not a given that all requests can be filled.

A Google sheet will be maintained to document all the requests and to combine duplicates. For strategic reasons, this will not be public, but Read-Only access will be granted to selected trusted PIVians for monitoring and to solicit feedback on priorities etc.

Below is an example of recently completed tasks and how they were organized for priority etc.



Kyeno:Web Development / Sys Admin.Paid
MeerkatPower:Web Design.Paid
MeerkatPower:Graphic Design.Paid
Eric Stanek:Project Management.Not paid


Ultimately, I would like to see the funding level reach $6,000 to $8,000 USD per month. The Treasury simply can’t support that right now, and we need to find ways to pay the Core Developers more first. But, I wanted to point out how large the gap is compared to where we need to get to. This much larger amount would allow for significant Graphic Design support to support requests from Marketing and Business Development teams. But, we are still forming a Marketing team, and things are quite dynamic with the Business Development team right now.

This proposal will not ask for the 50 PIV proposal submission fee to be refunded.

This proposal will only be for 2 months, to align with the balance of Q1.

Future proposals will be 3 months each, to align with each quarter.

We hope to be able to increase the dollar value of this proposal quickly, to close the gap.

Initially, for this proposal, we are asking for 2,000 PIV per month, for 2 months.


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Vote No:
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Those guys deserve be paid 6k-8k per month, as they prepare awesome job! I really hope that soon with price increase we will have that option.