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Title: Web Development and Design 2021-Q2
Name: WebDevDes-2021-Q2
Term: 3 Cycles
Cycle Amnt: 2500 PIV
Total Amnt: 7500 PIV
Author: Eric Stanek
Receiver: Kyeno
Address: DP4BdmXsiZjh6u4wXUTuNKm4kcDzXXXA74
Created: 2021-03-31
Status: Active
Vote Hash: 60b527d94798d3d65a8506d1d90ff61c101704e228ee202372b790b0a88bf493

The purpose of this proposal is to ensure that continuously ongoing Web Design and Development efforts are funded in advance, to avoid delays to source funding, when we often need to react quickly.


This proposal supports Web Design and Development, and Graphic Design efforts. It is a renewal of a prior proposal that you can see HERE with reports in the comments.


This proposal spans multiple ongoing efforts not easily categorized into a single task and typical daily tasks, for the following skill sets:

Web Development:PHP, Javascript, HTML, CSS, GitHub, Sys Admin, Translation Support.
Web Design:Layout, HTML, CSS (SASS).
Graphic Design:Photoshop, Branding, Creative Assets.

Significant Tasks:

The following significant tasks are expected to be completed during this proposal. This depends on multiple people and other efforts, outside this proposal, but worst case, we should be very close to launching these pages during this proposal.

Investors Page:A single page containing all the hard data a Whale needs to see.
Swag Page:A showcase of the high level art and swag from various providers.
Brand Tweak:We have so much purple! We need a 2nd complimentary color added to the brand identity, to help with separating web site sections. YuurinBee and others will be consulted and suggestions made after that to the Community.

Grouping Tasks:

Web Design and Web Development would normally be separated from Graphic Design into separate projects. However, given the PIVX.org site is very new, and we refreshed the brand, we are currently seeing quite a bit of overlap. Graphic Design completed now, to support Twitter etc. usually requires changes to the PIVX.org site too. Also, I think the efforts compliment themselves from a budget planning point of view. Graphic Design can take priority due to requests typically being urgent, but when there is extra budget available, it can be spent on Web Design, which while important, can usually be delayed for a week or so.

Work Flow:

We will use a Discord channels #website_development and #marketing and team channels as our ‘in-box’ for requests. It will be up to us to decide on priorities and when clarification is needed, we can request guidance from the PIVX Core Team. In other words, anyone will be able to make a request, but it is not a given that all requests can be filled.

A Google sheet will be maintained to document all the requests and to combine duplicates. For strategic reasons, this will not be public, but Read-Only access will be granted to selected trusted PIVians for monitoring and to solicit feedback on priorities etc.

Below is an example of recently completed tasks and how they were organized for priority etc.



Kyeno:Web Development / Sys Admin.Paid
MeerkatPower:Web Design.Paid
MeerkatPower:Graphic Design.Paid
Eric Stanek:Project Management.Not Paid


Ultimately, we would like to see the funding level reach $6,000 to $8,000 USD per month. The Treasury simply can’t support that right now, and we need to find ways to pay the Core Developers more first. But, I wanted to point out how large the gap is compared to where we need to get to. This much larger amount would allow for significant Graphic Design to support requests from Marketing and Business Development teams. But, we are still forming a Marketing team, and things are quite dynamic with the Business Development team right now.

This proposal will not ask for the 50 PIV proposal submission fee to be refunded.

This proposal will be for 3 months, to align with Q2.

This proposal closes the above mentioned funding gap significantly compared to the prior proposal and PIVX price at the time, but we still have a ways to go. We are looking forward to an even higher PIVX price to be able to reach that goal while asking for less PIV.

For this proposal, we are asking for 2,500 PIV per month, for 3 months.


Vote Yes:

mnbudgetvote many 60b527d94798d3d65a8506d1d90ff61c101704e228ee202372b790b0a88bf493 yes

Vote No:

mnbudgetvote many 60b527d94798d3d65a8506d1d90ff61c101704e228ee202372b790b0a88bf493 no
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You definitely make some good points. For my thesis project, I had to make a workable prototype for a website using Adobe XD and CSS. I experienced some problems mostly with the coding part, because I couldn’t get rid of some bugs, but in the end, everything worked out. I took some inspiration from this web design company https://www.firstcom.com.sg that creates beautiful templates. I really love the minimalistic approach, so I made sure to go with this style for my projects. For 6 months, I came up with multiple prototypes styles, but after I tested them, I finally narrowed down to the final one.
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Life is a cruel mistress. It has a tendency to verify our plans, dreams and goals in most unpredictable ways. And so it did.
The tasks we believed to be most important fell way back in the line. Yet other ones we never thought about as significant, or ones we never thought about before at all - took on the lead. And took it strong!


Number of commits:
$ git log master --since "APR 1 2021" --until "JUL 3 2021" --pretty="%h %an %ad"|wc -l

Significant technical tasks finished:
- Coin Stats Page with fresh data, adjustable chart and 3D globe with PIVX node locations (thanks @q327k091, @fuzzbawls and @furszy)
- Vastly extended Sports Ambassadors page with segregation, profiles with galleries, etc (thanks @SnappySnap)
- CMS manageable Exchanges with copy-able filtering for end-user (thanks @Ambassador)
- CMS manageable Features/Masternodes, Features/Cold Staking, Resources/Block Explorer and About/About PIVX (Alliances) pages (thanks @Eric_Stanek)

Significant marketing tasks finished:
- CleanTechnica contact "pushed" and article finally released (thanks @Terrik)

Significant design tasks finished:
- CleanTechnica article graphics
- Earth Day graphics
- April Fools Day graphics
- Assets for "Powered by PIVX"
- Design for v5.1.0 and v5.2.0 releases
- Roll the dice and test your luck
- Trade PIVX on Binance for beginners
- Not all privacy coins are the same
- What is a privacy coin?
- PIVX Liquidity Mining Campaign
- Cryptocurrency Peace Sign
- Why and how the PIVX DAO works
- PIVX didn't have an Initial Coin Offering
- When does "P" stand for PROTECTED?
- Cleantech, DAO, and Crypto Sustainability

And so it goes:

Many of the technical tasks done here were barely opening the door towards visions we have and dreams we move towards to. Many other technical and graphical ones were either too small, or too big and yet too early staged to be mentioned here... but! More about that on the next proposal post (coming soon!)